Requirements to Become a Massage Therapy School Instructor: Click Your State

Becoming a massage therapy school instructor can be both a lucrative and rewarding profession.  Many massage therapists pursue this career path after having practiced massage for several years as they contemplate career alternatives while leveraging their existing knowledge base and relationships.

The future of massage therapy as a profession is promising, with exponential growth in demand for massage therapy practitioners projected by the the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  To fulfill the demand for the growth in massage therapists, the number of massage therapy instructors is also projected to increase significantly.

Similar to massage school admission, the criteria to become a massage therapy teacher vary from State to State.  If you are interested in pursuing this career path, or may plan to in the future, you will have to become familiar with your State’s requirements for doing so.

We have put together a comprehensive list of requirements for each State.  Please click your State on the map below to read about the requirements to teach massage therapy.