How to Become a Massage Therapy School Teacher in Arizona

Massage therapy is more of an art than an occupation as it requires not just proper training and schooling but also your willingness to provide well-being for the people.

A massage therapist also has to go through the process of studying, training and also, examination just like any other professional qualification.

This profession is nowhere less in demand and financial benefits than any other profession.

The rising popularity of Massage therapy has created massive opportunities for professionals in the state of Arizona.

Therefore, the demand for qualified massage therapy school instructors in Arizona is also increasing.

After all, we need good instructors to produce good massage therapists.

Massage Therapy in Arizona

Arizona is a state with warm desert climate with a site of mesmerizing sunset at Grand Canyon.

Its northern region consider to be a perfect place to start your massage business or work as a massage school instructor at some existing message centre.

The region has splendid features with vast mountain ranges and Canyon spreading across the area.

Arizona is an ideal place to work as a massage school instructor because the location is a great tourist attraction with thousands of people flocking in to enjoy the serene views of beautiful landmarks.

The climate is also ideal to have a massage treatment to keep you relax and indulge in the fascinating ambience of the place.

Arizona does not only offer beautiful views to enjoy the massage therapy for visitors.

But it also is a hub for many reputed massage institutions that offer you professional certification and licensing to pursue your massage instructor career.

Here, we will provide detailed information and guidance for aspirant massage school instructors who wish to start their dream career at this amazing place Arizona.

Who is a Massage Therapy Instructor?

A massage therapy instructor is a professional teacher in a massage school who has the academic qualifications and expert skills from real life work experiences to share their knowledge with the students.

The basic requirement to be a massage school instructor is to have a Bachelor’s degree in the field along with 10 years of experience working with real-time clients in Arizona state.

They are given proper training and certification in various massage modules.

They not only have ample knowledge about various massaging techniques.

But also guide you about various tools to perform a message.

The Process of Becoming a Massage School Instructor in Arizona

Being a massage therapy school instructor is a tedious job for which you have to fulfil pretty tough requirements for obvious good reasons.

It is a work of great responsibility on your shoulders to train and educate many new professionals who will be working as professional massage therapists in the healthcare field.

Requirements to meet for a Massage School Instructor

As mentioned earlier, that a massage school instructor should have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited massage therapy program in Arizona massage schools with an additional few years of field experience.

Those interested in becoming an instructor should pursue advanced education options like going for a master’s degree, staying updated with latest education credits and taking courses in adult education.

Massage Course Requirements

There are specific massage schools in Arizona that help you become licensed massage instructor through certification courses.

If you want to know about the accredited Massage schools in Arizona, Click here.

During the process, you will study various subjects and techniques of massage therapy such as:

Licensing/ Certification Requirements for Massage Therapy in Arizona

In order to obtain a license, you must go through a massage therapy exam which is accredited by:

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork


NCETM – National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage

And also, if you are not acquainted with the process of licensing or certification exam in Arizona.

So you can simply visit this site:

They provide all the relevant information and details about Massage school licensing and certification requirements in Arizona.

Since you as an instructor is required to practice before qualifying to the teacher in a massage therapy school.

You must hold professional license and certification to carry out your practice.

You are required to fulfil these prerequisites to obtain a license in the state of Arizona.

  • A high school diploma to get admission into a Massage therapy degree program
  • A US citizen or hold a green card to get admission in the state university.
  • Have completed the basic written exam.
  • Passed the exam of NCBTMB, National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.
  • Provide a coloured passport size photograph for your license.
  • The experience of 125 hours in treating live patients.

Arizona State of Massage Therapy Board is another helpful site that offers you viable information on licensed Therapists and approved massage schools.

You can also file any complaints with the board regarding a massage therapist or massage school in the state of Arizona with the board.

Challenges to becoming a Massage Therapy School Instructor

Apart from your educational qualifications and practical expertise in the field of massage therapy.

It is essential that you mentally prepare to accept the challenges of being a massage therapy school instructor.

There are plenty of massage therapists who are dedicated to their work but it is not necessary that they are excellent teachers as well.

In order to become a massage instructor, you have overcome your frustrations and also, remain content emotionally while managing students and dealing with administration.

You might be a frustrated instructor due to your inner conflicts or lack of potential to handle difficult situations professionally.

You are thus required to go through teachers training programs to learn the tools and techniques to manage your classes well.

Being a massage therapy school instructor requires a lot of patience, contentment, and dedication towards the goal.

Until you fulfil this requirement, you will fail to transfer your knowledge effectively to the future therapists.

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