Operating a Massage School in Washington

First of all, operating a massage school in washington, the requirements for massage therapy schools practice and education are overseen by the Board of Massage, part of the Washington State Department of Health.

Department of Health. Before board approval, you will have to be certified as a private vocational school.

Secondly, for you to start a massage therapy school in Washington.

And third of all, to start a

operating a massage school in Washington

must have a minimum of a 500-hour program approved by the

Washington State Board of Massage


Before board approval, you will have to be certified as a private vocational school by the Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board.

Obtaining Approval from the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board

Moreover, before applying to the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board.

You will need to obtain an Master Business License also from the state Department of Revenue/Licensing.

Register with the state Department of Revenue.

And so register with the Secretary of State’s office if you are going to be operating as an LLC or a corporation.

Also, you will have to meet any local requirements for business licensing.

You will have to review an online presentation for new schools.

And may attend a call-in conference or webinar for additional orientation information.

You will submit your application online.

And then mail in supporting documentation along with your fees.

Information That Will Be Required Includes:

  • A business plan including
    • A school description with photos;
    • Management and operations;
    • Marketing and sales strategies;
    • Capital equipment and supply list;
    • Market and competitive analyses;
    • Loan information/credit line (if applicable);
    • Balance sheet;
    • Break-even analysis;
  • School director;
  • Program information, including hours;
  • Estimate of gross tuition you will earn in the first year;
  • Program description including
    • Title and specific program objective;
    • Outline showing sequence of courses;
    • Number of clock hours of instruction and how this is calculated;
    • Method(s) of instruction (lecture, lab, etc.);
    • Training, instruction aids and facility, including a sketch of the floor plan;
    • Type of completion document (certificate/diploma).
  • Letter from the Board of Massage that your curriculum meets their standards.
  • Draft catalog or brochure and checklist to show your list meets state requirements;
  • If you admit students without a high school diploma or GED, an “Ability to Benefit Test”;
  • Draft enrollment contract/agreement and checklist;
  • Financial statement or personal tax return;
  • Scored credit report;
  • Three credit references;
  • Apply for or provide a Dunn and Bradstreet number;
  • A copy of your business license;
  • Evidence of liability insurance;
  • A copy of your lease;
  • Student data collection form;
  • Student transcript;
  • Information on auxiliary locations, if applicable;
  • A site visit (the Board of Massage also conducted it).

Once your application has been received and is complete.

Also, It will take 30 to 60 days for it to be processed also to be approved.

In addition, your school license will need to be renewed annually.

The annual license fee will be based on your gross tuition receipts and will range from $250 to $2,500.

You will be required to make payments to the Tuition Recovery Trust Fund for ten years.

Hence, these will also be based on your tuition receipts and will range from $305 to $16,757 for your first payment.

Obtaining Approval of Operating a Massage School in Washington  from the Board of Massage:

Your massage school curriculum will have to meet the requirements of the board

  • 130 hours of anatomy and physiology, at least 40 of which are in kinesiology.
  • 50 hours of pathology, including indications and contraindications.
  • 265 hours of theory and practice of massage, no more than 50 of which can be in a student clinic.
  • 55 hours of clinical/business practices including hygiene, record keeping, medical terminology, professional ethics, business management, human behavior, client interaction and state and local laws.
  • 4 hours of training in HIV/AIDS.

You will need to provide evidence to the Board that your school meets eight standards:

  • Curriculum – First of all, needs to meet or exceed the minimum requirements above, as well as an explanation of how your students will get first aid and CPR training.
  • Academic Standards – Operating a Massage School in Washington provide policies for admission, graduation, measuring student progress, dismissal, withdrawal, and so the transfer of credits.
  • Faculty – must be adequately qualified. You will need to provide policies regarding minimum competency standards for faculty, faculty involvement in creating curriculum and evaluating students resumes for each instructor, a list of courses taught by each instructor, and a non-discrimination policy.
  • Student Clinic and Externship – provide theories regarding the role of student and instructor in a review of patient information and decision making on treatment, disclosure statement provided to clients, client intake form, and client feedback form.
  • Health, Sanitation, and Facilities – So to provide a floor plan and photograph of your school facility, a floor plan and picture of your clinic facility (if offered), a list of equipment available to students in the classroom, a list of material available in the student clinic (if provided), and a list of library resources.
  • Professional Conduct – Importantly, policy school on faculty and student conduct.
  • Records – a sample student transcript and certificate of completion and policy on release of student records;
  • Eligibility – provide a copy of your certificate of approval from the Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board.

Following Things Are Important For Operating a Massage School in Washington

Most of all, you will need to send your application to the board with three copies, also each in a 3-ring binder.

The applications must be submitted in the correct format also.

And at least five weeks before the meeting at which they will be reviewed.

Most importantly, two members of the board will review the application form.

Therefore, who will report their findings to the board at the next scheduled board meeting?

At that meeting, The Board will maybe approve your application or denied.

And the board may make a site visit to your school before approval and to ensure compliance with board requirements.

Most noteworthy, the site visit will consist of both a self-evaluation and a visit to the school by a board representative.

You will have to go through a re-approval process after three years, and then probably every five years after that.


Also, for Operating a Massage School in Washington.

You need to have at least a 500 hours program that meets the requirements of the Board of Massage.

Before approval from the Board: You will have to obtain certification from the Workforce Development and Education Coordinating Board as a private vocational school.

However, Costs for licensure with the Workforce Development and Education Coordinating Board range from $250 to $2500 per year, based on your gross tuition receipts.

In conclusion, you will also have to make payments to the Tuition Recovery Trust Fund for ten years.


Washington Board of Massage, Education Requirements

Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board

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