Massage Therapy School Evaluation Checklist

We get numerous questions from prospective massage students on a daily basis asking us how to select the online massage therapy school evaluation that is best for them. As we answered these questions over time, we noticed a consistent theme in the type of questions being asked. We noticed that prospective students are all concerned about the same set of unknowns.

For example, students want to know whether the school curriculum is flexible enough so it can be fit into their family and work commitments. Students want to know what it would cost them to attend a school that equips them with the knowledge required to pass the certification exams and become a Licensed Massage Therapist, and whether financial aid is available to help reduce the cost of attendance. Similarly, there are several other critical questions we repeatedly see asked by prospective students.

Inspired by all the questions received from you over time, our volunteers have compiled the most comprehensive massage therapy school evaluation checklist you will find on the internet. By using this checklist, you will be compelled to research and gather the most critical facts that will allow you to select the best massage therapy school for you.

Instructions on How to Use the School Evaluation Checklist

Click the link below to open the checklist. The checklist will open as a PDF document. If your computer or mobile device does not have a PDF compatible program, you can download Adobe Acrobat here for free.

Once open, you can simply take your laptop or mobile device with you and access the checklist at anytime as long as you have an internet connection. We recommend that you bookmark this link so you can easily access the checklist immediately when you need it.

If you’d like to save the checklist to your computer or mobile device as a PDF copy to access later, simply do one of the following:

1) Once the checklist is open in PDF, scroll to the top left and click “File”, then “Save As”. You will be asked to name your checklist and choose a destination on your computer or device to save the checklist to. Select “Desktop” and click “Save” and you should see a new icon on your desktop that will allow you to access the checklist at any time.

2) Right click on the link below and then click “Save link as”. Once the options menu (box) pops up, follow the same procedures as above to save a copy of the checklist to your desktop.

Alternatively, you can open up the checklist through the link below and print multiple copies of the checklist to keep with you.


Enter your zip code and user our database below to request FREE information (including financial aid and scholarship awards) from the top massage therapy schools near you today!

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6 comments on “Massage Therapy School Evaluation Checklist
  1. Patricia L. Vincent says:

    I would like info on accredited massage therapy schools in my area. My zip code is 79107.

  2. Amy Andrews says:

    I would like to know if I am able to receive my Massage therapy license in the state of Montana if I went to Zion Massage School in St. George, Utah? I do not believe they are an accredited school.

    • Neal Lyons says:

      the accredited status is only tied to title IV financial aid eligibility. it does not dictate whether or not you can get your license. state boards have licensing requirements, part of which is/are credit hours specific to various disciplines. you will likely have to get your prior credits evaluated to see how much of the requirement you have satisfied and what you have left to complete. make sense?

  3. Mary Hutson says:

    Would like to find an online course to help my granddaughter pass her MBlEX test in Ohio. She has graduated from a Massage Therapy School but is having trouble passing the test.

    • Neal Lyons says:

      Mary – did you find one? which ones have you tried so far? we can make a recommendation if you contact us directly. we don’t want to post it here as we are not associated with these companies and don’t want to appear as if we are.

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