Requirements to Start a Massage School in Oregon

Requirements to Start a Massage School in Oregon, the requirements for massage therapy practice and education are overseen by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists.

So if you want to start a private massage school in Oregon.

And also, you must have a minimum of a 625-hour program and your school must license as a career school by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) and also, approved by the Board of Massage Therapists.

Career School Licensure from the HECC

The licensure process for a career school in Oregon typically takes 3-6 months but can take as long as a year, according to the HECC website.

Prior to submitting your application for a license in Oregon, the HECC recommends that you

  • Develop your business plan, design your curriculum, and also, develop school policies for staff and students;
  • Secure start-up funding and enough liquidity to stay in operation during the first 2-3 years;
  • Prepare draft documents and forms;
  • Schedule and attend a screening interview with a Private Career School staff member;
  • Make any adjustments needed after the screening interview based on the advice given.

When you submit your application, you will need to provide the following:

  • The name and address of the school, all owners, governing body, officials and faculty with qualification forms;
  • Course syllabi;
  • Facility description;
  • School’s admission application form;
  • Enrollment agreement or contract, along with info and also, procedures;
  • School policies and procedures with regard to
    • Admission standards
    • Ability to benefit examination (if used)
    • Enrollment and entrance dates
    • Credit for previous training
    • Attendance
    • Grading
    • Make-up work
    • Tardiness
    • Satisfactory progress standard
    • Methods and frequency of reporting progress
    • Student conduct
    • Suspensions, terminations, re-entry
    • Leaves of absence
    • Student grievance or complaints
    • Safe, healthy environment
    • Discriminatory behaviours;

And Also

  • Explain how policies and procedures are communicated to students and also, how they are enforced by the school;
  • Tuition charges, as well as other fees and costs;
  • Your school policy with regard to cancellations and refunds of tuition or fees (must be in compliance with Oregon laws and rules);
  • So a copy of the buy/sell agreement, if you are buying an existing school;
  • A written plan to protect the contractual rights of students if your school goes out of business or undergoes a change in status (must be in compliance with Oregon laws and rules);
  • Labor market information for massage therapy for regional, state and also, national labour markets;
  • A description of placement information given to students;
  • The school calendar;
  • The signature of authorized officials of the school including each owner, partner, or member of the board;
  • Full disclosure by school owners, directors and teachers of any conviction or crime listed in state rules and laws, along with fingerprint cards and also, forms for a criminal background check.

MIST – Requirements to Start a Massage School in Oregon

And also, you will require to include in your application packet

  • A non-refundable license fee (based on your projected tuition receipts, $780 to $3510);
  • The initial capitalization payment for the student tuition protection plan;
  • A complete resume of education and work for each owner, corporate officer, director, and also, teacher, including social security number, date of birth, home address and telephone number;
  • Copies of proposed advertising and promotional information;
  • Copies of program materials;
  • A draft of your catalogue or brochure;
  • Copies of required inspections;
  • Copies of incorporation certificates, if applicable;
  • A financial statement;
  • An enrollment agreement that complies with state rules.

Once your completed application is received, a site inspection will be scheduled, if needed.

You, the owner of the school, will have to attend a meeting with the Executive Director of the HECC, who will then approve or disapprove the application.

After any deficiencies are corrected, you will obtain your license.

Teachers, directors, and agents will also have to be approved and registered with the HECC.

Licenses must be renewed annually.

Oregon Board of Massage Therapists Requirements

So your school must offer at least 625 hours of massage therapy education which requirements to start a Massage School in Oregon

That education must include

  • 200 hours of Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology and Kinesiology;
  • 300 hours of Massage Theory and Practical Application, Clinical Practice, Business Development, Communication and Ethics, and Sanitation. Hydrotherapy can also be included.
  • The remaining 125 hours can be in any of the above areas.

To obtain Board approval for your program you will need to apply to the board.

Your application to the board will consist of

  • A board application (request from the board);
  • Verification of content meeting the Model Curriculum;
  • Your school’s code of ethics and also,  fraternization policy;
  • Your method of evaluation to determine a student’s successful completion of a class;
  • Course descriptions and syllabi;
  • Your school’s attendance requirements for students to successfully complete each class;
  • Your minimum qualifications for selecting instructors.

So your certification from the board must be renewed periodically and also, can be revoked if the board determines your program no longer meets their requirements.


Because if you want to open a private massage therapy school in Oregon.

Requirements to start a Massage School in Oregon!

So you must have a 625-hour program of instruction that is approved by the Board of Massage Therapists.

And also, your school must license by the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

The licensing process typically takes 3 to 6 months but may take as long as a year.

The fees for initial licensure are between $780 and $3510, depending on your projected tuition receipts.

And also, you will require pay into the student tuition protection plan.

Annual renewal of your license will cost $780-$3510, depending on tuition receipts.

Your director, teachers and also, agents will also need to approve and registered with the HECC.


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Requirements to Start a Massage School in Oregon

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