How to Run a Massage Therapy School in South Carolina

How to Run a Massage Therapy School in South Carolina, the requirements for massage therapy practice and education are overseen by the South Carolina Massage/Bodywork Panel.

A division of the Department of  Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

If you want to start a private massage school in South Carolina.

You must have a minimum of a 500-hour program and meet the standards set forth by the Commission on Higher Education.

Obtaining a License from the Commission on Higher Education

In order to obtain a license for a nonpublic post-secondary institution in South Carolina.

You will first have to contact the Commission on Higher Education and request the application materials.

Once you receive the materials!

So you are given an opportunity to ask questions and or meet with the staff of the Commission regarding rules and procedures.

Once you have determined that you are able to meet the standards.

you can proceed to fill out and submitting the application and documentation.

Commision Staff will review your application.

The time for review will be dependent on the staff’s current workload.

After review, the staff will either conduct an on-site review or return your application to you so you can correct any deficiencies.

You will be able to resubmit the application one time.

If you still have deficiencies, you will have to start the application process over and submit another application fee.

Following the review, the reviewing staff member will make a recommendation to the licensing manager.

If you are recommended for a license, and the manager agrees, you will receive a license and how to Run a Massage Therapy School in South Carolina

Otherwise, if the license is denied, you will have an opportunity to discuss the findings and present any other information that may affect the decision.

Renew Licenses 

Must renew licenses annually.

In the application, you will be asked to provide documentation to show that you meet the requirements for licensure.

  • Your program, instruction and curriculum are of sufficient quality and also, length to allow the students to meet the objective;
  • You have adequate space, equipment and instructors to provide quality education;
  • You have a reasonable student: teacher ratio;
  • And also, you have at least one full-time faculty member;
  • You have files on your instructors indicating their education and experience;
  • Your students have adequate access to instructional materials (library);
  • You have a procedure and documentation for allowing transfer credit from other schools;
  • Your school has developed
    • Course outlines and syllabi;
    • Specific goals and requirements;
    • Course content;
    • Methods of evaluation;
    • Bibliography;
    • Tuition and fee schedule;
    • Other charges and refund policy;
    • Attendance policy;
    • Grading policy;
    • Rules of operation and conduct;
    • A policy for handling student complaints (in compliance with South Carolina requirements);
    • An appropriate certificate or diploma for completion of the program;

MIST – How to Run a Massage Therapy School in South Carolina

  • You have a procedure for maintaining records of attendance and grades.
  • And also, school are ensuring that policies will follow.
  • Your facility is in compliance with state and local regulations such as fire, safety, and sanitation;
  • Your school is financially sound and can fulfil its commitments with regard to training and education;
  • So your school’s owners and also, directors are appropriately educated and experienced.
  • And also, are of good reputation and character (meeting specific state requirements for these);
  • You include your refund policy in your catalogue and your enrollment agreement;
  • Your advertising is not misleading or erroneous;
  • Your school name is not misleading, or similar to the name of another school;
  • You publish and enforce your admission requirements;
  • So you do not owe the state a penalty;
  • And also, you provide each student with a catalogue or brochure prior to enrollment (meeting specific state requirements);
  • Commission review any new program and programs revisions before you implement them.

Surety Bonds 

You will need to provide a surety bond, or other means of collateral acceptable to the State Treasurer, based on your projected tuition receipts.

The minimum bond is $10,000.

And also, you are required to carry adequate insurance for fire or other losses, for personal or public liability.

And also,  to ensure the continuity of operation of the school.

Your instructors must have a massage therapy certificate or diploma and have at least two years of experience in the field.

In addition, they must have the training to teach and up-to-date knowledge of the field.

Your agents that recruit students in South Carolina are required to have permits.

Agent permits must renew annually and how to Run a Massage Therapy School in South Carolina.

Fees for your school license, are based on the expected tuition receipts and can range from $150 to $1500.

Renewal fees are based on your previous year’s receipts.

Agent permits cost $30.

And also, you may incur fees for late renewals, moving your location, adding a program or site, or a school name change.


If you want to open a private massage therapy school and how to run a Massage Therapy School in South Carolina.

Commision on Higher Education meets to require 500 hours or more programs for the license.

Licensing by the Commission will cost $150 to $1500, depending on your projected tuition.

And also, you will be required to have a surety bond and insurance.

Your agents will also have to have a $30 permit.

Must renew licenses and permits annually.

The time from application to obtaining a license is variable and also, is based on the workload of the Commission staff.


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