Beginning a Massage School in Ohio

Beginning a Massage School in Ohio, the requirements for massage therapy practice and education are overseen by the State Medical Board.

If you want to start a private massage school in Ohio.

So you must have a minimum of a 750-hour program.

Your curriculum must approve by the State Medical Board.

And also, your school must authorize to operate by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools.

Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools

The State Board of Career Colleges and Schools has a six-step process to obtain initial authorization for a school.

The majority of the application process will be done online.

  1. Contact the state board via telephone or email for an initial determination of whether your program requires approval.
  2. You will be issued online credentials in order to allow you to submit an Initial Inquiry document.
  3. Complete and submit online the New School Application Document.
  4. At this point, you will be required to provide information regarding:
    • Your programs;
    • Your staff;
    • Advertising and recruiting;
    • Your facilities.

You will be assigned a staff member to work with you on ensuring your application is complete.

  1. A member of the board staff will come to your school to review your application and the site.
  2. During the site visit, all key administrators should be available for questions.
  3. The following will be reviewed:
    • Current school catalogue and enrollment agreement;
    • Faculty personnel files containing education, work history, assignments, in-service training, and also, instructor qualification forms;
    • Course outlines and samples of textbooks and instructional materials you intend to use;
    • Sample student surveys for your school;
    • Copies of your recruiting material;
    • Personnel responsible for providing academic leadership and advisory committee members, if applicable;
    • Samples of transcripts and diplomas to be given to your graduates.
  4. Review and approval during a public board meeting.
  5. You will be required to have a representative of your school present during the meeting to answer questions.
  6. Complete any items that were deficient in your application and also, obtain your Certificate of Registration.

MIST –¬†Beginning a Massage School in Ohio

Your first Certificate of Registration is good for one year.

After that, they are good for two years.

In addition to the above, you will require attending new director training provided by the Board.

So your agents, or admissions representatives, will be required to obtain a license and attend yearly training.

School directors, administrators and instructors may also be required to obtain a regular continuing education in order for your school to retain its registration.

Initial application fees and renewal fees are based on your expected tuition receipts.

And also, range from $150 to $800 for the first year.

And from $300 to $1600 for a two-year renewal.

Your school will invoice for all fees following the board’s receipt of your application.

And also, you will require paying $500 per year for your first five years of registration to the Student Tuition Recovery Fund.

You may require obtaining a surety bond, as well.

Ohio State Medical Board Requirements for Massage Therapy Programs

You must submit an application for a certificate of good standing to the board on a form prescribed by the board.

You will need to contact the board to get the appropriate forms.

So your application will provide the following information to the board:

  • Your authorization to operate from the Board of Career Colleges and Schools.
  • Your curriculum, showing it meets the requirements of the Board.

Ohio requires a minimum of 750 hours of instruction for a massage therapy license.

The hours must apportion as follows:

  • 325 hours in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology;
  • 325 hours in Massage Therapy Theory and Practice;
  • 25 hours in Ethics;
  • 25 hours in Business and Law;
  • 50 hours in other related massage therapy topics.

Massage Therapist

In addition, your school must

  • Require each student to perform at least one full massage treatment on a licensed massage therapist and evaluate on competency.
  • Clearly define and simply state educational objectives that indicate what your program can do for a reasonably diligent student.
  • Outline your course of instruction in detail, showing clock hours devoted to major subjects.
  • You must also outline your admission requirements and also, occupational objectives.

Your instructors that teach massage therapy theory and practice must be high school graduates.

So beginning a Massage School in Ohio!

And also, have a license to practice massage therapy in Ohio and have at least three years of experience practising massage therapy.

Instructors that teach anatomy and physiology must have a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in that discipline.

Your school’s certificate of good standing can revoke, suspended, or put on probation if your students fail to perform adequately on MBLEx testing.


If you want to open a private massage therapy school in Ohio, you must authorize to operate by the Board of Career Colleges and Schools.

In addition, you must obtain a certificate of good standing from the Board of Medicine.

Beginning a Massage School in Ohio, the cost for initial review and licensure will be between $150 and $800.

Plus $500 for the Student Tuition Recovery Fund and also, possibly other fees for agent licensure.

Applying to the Board of Career Colleges and Schools is a six-step process.

And also, your final approval must be done at a public Board meeting.


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Beginning a Massage School in Ohio

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