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Is Thai Massage A Good Choice For Your Massage Career? An In-Depth View from Shama Kern

Massage Therapy sounds exotic, a new import from far-away lands. If you watch a few Youtube videos, you might see scenes of rather dramatic stretches that look like applied yoga. It really doesn’t look like the kind of massage that you

What is Hot Stone Massage, How it Works and Its Benefits

The hot stone massage has become quite popular over the years. Many people who go to a spa for treatment options for a hot stone massage as it helps them release stress and relax. It is a great way of

What is Ayurveda Massage Therapy, How It Works & Its Benefits

Ayurveda is one of oldest massage therapy techniques and it is still used today. In essence, Ayurveda is a traditional medicine system from the Indian Subcontinent. It may come as a surprise but. Even though this massage therapy has many

What is Acupressure Massage, How It Works & the Different Ailments It Cures

Acupressure massage is commonly confused with Acupuncture. Even though the basic principle behind the two massage types is the same. They are quite different. In order to perform an acupuncture massage, the key points of the body pierced with pins.

What is Trigger Point Massage Therapy & How Does It Work

There are many types of therapies that aim to heal muscle pains in the body. Out of all these therapies, one of the most effective is the trigger point therapy. The reason this therapy is so effective is that it