Requirements to Teach Massage Therapy in Alabama

Requirements to Teach Massage Therapy in AlabamaThe state of Alabama makes it very easy to understand and navigate the massage therapy instructor license process.

The website for the state of Alabama Massage Therapy Board clearly outlines the requirements to teach massage as follows:

Massage Instructor Applicants required to:

  1. File proof of license to practice massage in Alabama
  2. Demonstrate Proof of US Citizenship (Drivers License copy, etc)
  3. Document a minimum of 2 years experience in the massage therapy field (must notarize)
  4. Apply for and receive a massage instructor license, and also, pay the instructor license fee ($10).

So the three-page application for certification to teach massage therapy in the state of Alabama can found here.

Education Requirements – Requirements to Teach Massage Therapy in Alabama

Massage Instructors in the state of Alabama are required to be licensed massage therapists in the state of Alabama, which requires 650 hours of instruction at an approved massage therapy school listed here.

Alabama requires the following curriculum hours for massage education:

  • 100 hours Anatomy and physiology, including 35 hours of myology, 15 hours of osteology, 10 hours of the circulatory system, 10 hours of the nervous system and also, 30 other hours at the discretion of the school.
  • 40 hours of Pathology
  • 250 hours of basic massage therapy, including contraindications, and also, including a minimum of 50 hours of supervised massage.
  • 50 hours of miscellaneous courses including business, hydrotherapy, first aid, CPR, and also, professional ethics.
  • 210 hours of massage related electives (aromatherapy, sports therapy, etc)

For massage therapists that will be working with animals, an additional 100 hours of postgraduate training in animal anatomy, pathology, and physiology is also required.

Upon the completion of 650 hours of massage training and also, the applicant must also pass the national massage certification exam.

Experience Required – Requirements to Teach Massage Therapy in Alabama

So a minimum of 2 documented years experience after receiving a license to practice massage require in order to receive a massage instructors license.

Though the state does not specify what constitutes relevant experience in the message field.

So they do require that the documentation provided notarize.

Continuing Education Requirements

To maintain a valid massage license in the state of Alabama.

Which required teaching massage, an instructor must attend a minimum of 16 hours of continuing education every 24 months.

An applicant must certify that they have attended the required continuing education to receive a massage license.

But the proof generally not required at the time of renewal.

Alabama requires that therapists keep continuing education records for a  minimum of 4 years, and they may perform a continuing education audit at their discretion.

If sufficient continuing education documentation cannot provide an audit, the practitioner’s license will revoke.

Approved CEU providers for the state of Alabama are listed here.

Professional Licensing & Fees – Requirements to Teach Massage Therapy in Alabama

Massage therapy instructors in the state of Alabama required to complete the following licensure/fee process:

Massage Practitioners License:

Initial Application Fee: $25

Establishment License Fee (First year): $100

Renewal Fee (Subsequent years): $50

Massage Therapy Instructor License: $10

For more details on massage license related fees, visit the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy’s Fees Page.

Insurance Requirements

Alabama requires proof of a minimum of 1 million dollars in liability insurance to receive a license to practice massage therapy.

Supplemental teacher/instructor insurance does not require beyond the baseline practitioner policy.

Massage therapist insurance is available from a number of different providers listed here, and costs between $99 and $235 annually.

Special Notes – Requirements to Teach Massage Therapy in Alabama

Adjunct instructors, or visiting massage therapist instructors, not required to license and certify in the state of Alabama, provided they do not teach more than 100 hours per year.

They required to license and certify in their home state.

Continuing education providers are, however, required to meet at least one of the following qualifications:

  • A bachelors degree in a field related to the subject matter of the continuing education being taught.
  • Has graduated from a massage therapy school in another state with similar curriculum requirements to the state of Alabama, and approved by that state through licensure or similar national certification, and has at least 2 years professional experience.
  • Has at least 5 years practical experience in the subject matter, with at least 2 years teaching experience or has taught similar courses at least 3 times in the past 2 years.
  • And also, has completed specialized training in the subject, and has at least 2 years practical experience in the subject.

For more detailed information on the requirements for exempt continuing education providers, please see page 41 of the Alabama state massage rules and regulations document found here.

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