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The Top Three Most Influential Factors in my Decision to Pursue Massage Therapy – Lauren Steward

Hello! My name is Lauren Steward. I am approaching 29 years of age. I have a precious little three and four-year-old and a wonderful husband of 7 years. When I was a young girl, I lived in what I perceived

My Journey in Exploring the Different Styles, Influences and Traditions of Massage Therapy – Erica Esham

My timeline is a windy road with twists and turns – “Erica Esham.” I have always been in therapies which involved and healing modalities. Before pursuing a career in massage therapy. I most recently earned my 500 hour certification in

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Finding Healing Through Healing Work

I am originally from Maryland, just along the border with D.C. I come from a Chilean-British household and am a first-generation U.S.-born in my family and Finding Healing Through Healing Work. From a young age, I have always circulated healing-oriented

Karen Meece – How Massage Therapy Found Me & Changed My Life

 I love a good story, and that seems to sum up my life so far, lots of twists and turns along the way and certainly not what I planned.  I was born and raised in England and my ambition in

Luke Galeotti, A Police Officer Inspired to Build a Career Incorporating Strain Counterstrain

I am currently serving in the Air National Guard as a police officer (Security Forces). My journey in the Air Force has been quite challenging at times with 6 months of initial training at Lackland AFB Texas, followed by another

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