Finding Healing Through Healing Work

I am originally from Maryland, just along the border with D.C. I come from a Chilean-British household and am a first-generation U.S.-born in my family and Finding Healing Through Healing Work.

From a young age, I have always circulated healing-oriented professions.

I’ve worked in the education system in many forms, such as camps, daycares, and primary schools, in both English and Spanish.

As I went to college, I began to develop a stronger passion for therapy and social work.

Which led me to a post-grad position working bilingually within a high school program oriented towards first-generation college students.

However, between my acceptance into this program and its commencement.

I not only began to dip my toes into natural healing modalities.

But I was also slowly developing uniquely tricky health issues that interfered with a standard, daily work and living routine.

Due to these circumstances, I felt both physically and spiritually unfit for the path I had set out.

My body was failing me, and I was starting to gain interest in working with it in a new way.

And through heightened awareness and gentle, loving care.

I gradually educated myself about herbal medicine, acupuncture, and nutrition and developed a newfound understanding of the connection between my body and mind.

Since this moment, I have continued to seek more knowledge about the body and its continuous functions.

Seeking proper health directed me towards doula work.

As I craved action in an empowering space that focused on autonomy.

Physical Therapy In The Fundamental Way

And advocacy for marginalized voices in the most fundamental experience.

Within the birth profession, I discovered a subtle yet strong inner voice that arose as a result of connectedness to the body.

After finding a new, healthy physical balance within my body, I relocated to Seattle to further progress as a doula and aspiring herbalist.

Within a few weeks of arriving, I was unexpectedly involved in a bike accident that left me unable to walk properly for several months.

And I continue to experience permanent nerve damage.

I sensed that this event would someday lead me towards a specific path around trauma and touch, and massage proves itself to be a sturdy door.

While I still struggle to allow professionals or loved ones to address the injured area.

I have received simple touch and acknowledgement of this space through physical therapy, dance, massage, and acupuncture.

The primary and intentional act of resting one’s hand on my ankle has moved me to tears.

To the point of me being reminded of and intrigued by the body’s ability to store unconscious feeling.

I hope not only to continue to work with my conscious healing through massage work.

But also to gain the knowledge to be able to address such themes more directly with those I serve in the future.

Although there is still work to be done around this experience.

The positive shifts I can feel revolve around a more profound desire to work with healing touch.

And to hold space for others overcoming the trauma of all forms.

Overcome Anger, Pain, Sadness, And Anxiety

I am now left with endless curiosity about the symbolism of our pain and trauma.

And how to move forward both consciously and with an openness towards excavating the unconscious.

Therefore, this event needed to occur for me to look beyond the surface of my physical body and finding healing through healing work.

And to delve into listening to it through a process of profound physical and emotional healing.

I cannot say that I have changed for the worse through this experience.

As every part of it has led me towards growth, whether I took a wrong turn in my recovery or not.

Anger, pain, sadness, and anxiety have all passed through me throughout this healing journey.

But I have learned something at every stage.

Therefore, I believe that I have only grown by Finding Healing Through Healing Work.

And now am thankful to have been direct towards massage therapy as a result.

If I hadn’t gone through this experience.

I would have been passing through each day without a keen sense of what my body is trying to tell me.

And how I can work with the physical and emotional pain that comes my way through the course of my life.

I feel incredibly fortunate and indebted to the law of nature in its way of directing open participants to their callings.

MTSI – Finding Healing Through Healing Work

Massage Therapy Schools Information is something malleable and applicable to all those seeking growth, awareness, and healing as a result.

I see the act of massage as a healing journey for both the therapist and the client.

And look forward to the insight that should come my way as I step forward into a humbling, body-focused profession

“I am a 25-year-old birth doula, unofficial herbalist, and aspiring massage therapist.

Originally from a town just outside of Washington, DC, I moved to Seattle, WA to work more directly within the various healing communities that related to my path.

Since running, I have craved work that involves more intentional and educated touch.

And therefore am especially interested in studying massage to offer more in finding healing through healing work for those I support.

I hope to use the skills I gain from massage therapy training to further my studies of psycho-somatics and trauma, as addressed through both movement and touch”.

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