Starting Up a Massage Therapy School in Wyoming

In Wyoming state, the practice of massage therapy is currently not regulated.  If you want to start a new massage therapy school Wyoming, you will have to get a license from the Wyoming Department of Education.

A Private Non-Degree Grants A Post-secondary School Licensure

However, in order to obtain a private school license, you will have to apply using an online application form on the Department of Education website.

There is a checklist of items you will need to have to complete the application.

Most of all, when you start the application, you need to make sure that you have completed the list.

You also need to complete the online form in one session.

The materials you need to provide includes:

  • A $10,000 original performance bond or you can also offer a final letter of credit;
  • A $200 license fee;
  • A $100 fee for a registered agent;
  • A list of names of all administrators and staff;
  • An attendance record form or book;
  • A copy of your enrollment contract including your tuition, fees, and refund policy;
  • An academic discipline policy;
  • A copy of a description of instructional methods and outlines;
  • A course outlines for each class;
  • A copy of a current financial statement;
  • A copy of a mission statement;
  • Proof of compliance with the city, the county, and the state regulations;
  • A copy of a graduation certificate.

The state regulations require that your school should meet the minimum standards for Starting Massage Therapy School Wyoming:

  • You must only teach the approved programs.
  • You must have enough space; equipment; an instructional material; and instructional personnel.
  • The administrative, as well as the instructional staff, must be qualified to teach and manage your program.
  • You have to provide the state with the information listed on the checklist indeed!
  • You must give an award; a certificate; or a diploma to students who have completed your program.
  • A maintain adequate records on attendance; the progress; or the grades.
  • You have to enforce the satisfactory standards with relates to the attendance, the progress, and the conduct.
  • Also, must comply with the city, the county, the state and the federal regulations.
  • You do not discriminate by the race, the creed, the color, the sex, or the national origin.
  • You do not use the misleading advertisements.
  • Your administrators and personnel should not have been convicted of fraud; moral turpitude or other crime.
  • They should not engage in any behaviors that lead to revocation of a school license.
  • You should have a refund policy that complies with the rules of the US Department of Education refund policy especially when it’s relevant.

Most importantly, you should renew your license yearly for Starting Massage Therapy School Wyoming.

Summary For Starting Up a Massage Therapy School in Wyoming

Furthermore, the state of Wyoming does not regulate the practice of massage therapy.

Massage schools must be licensed just like the private schools by the state.

An agent must also be licensed if he or she recruits for the school and the cost of licensure is $200 per year.

In conclusion, you will be required to have a performance bond or irrevocable letter of credit for $10,000.


Wyoming Department of Education Private School Licensing

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