The Top Three Most Influential Factors in my Decision to Pursue Massage Therapy – Lauren Steward

Lauren StewardHello! My name is Lauren Steward.

I am approaching 29 years of age.

I have a precious little three and four-year-old and a wonderful husband of 7 years.

When I was a young girl, I lived in what I perceived as a very limited world with limited resources.

I lost sight of who I was and what I wanted to do.

Therefore, I changed my major several times in college, took a year off, and went back to become a teacher.

I chose this at the time because after losing multiple jobs.

And not being able to pay rent, and having his car repossessed.

My husband began to build his own business.

I was terrified of our finances and decided.

That I needed a secure job that was going to provide what we needed a month to month.

Moreover, I decided that working in public school.

I wouldn’t have to worry about this aspect of providing for my family and paying the bills while having enough left over to save and travel.

It was a simple solution for what I thought we needed at the time.

Over the past several years through teaching in different avenues.

I have broken a lot of chains that held me back in my past – “Lauren Steward“.

I have grown exponentially in my personal and spiritual development.

And I have been fortunate to break out of a limited perspective of life in rediscovering who I am.

Passions, Desires, And Interests A Part Of My Life

And how I can make my passions, desires, and interests a part of my daily life and career.

I had been living my life in a box for years, shutting down all my potential to be any sort of creative.

And I didn’t believe at all that I was capable of doing anything on my own.

Especially something that could make me so happy in reflecting my heart of hearts.

I made it my mission to begin creating a life where I can be my most authentic self in living holistically.

When I decided to overcome my fear of stepping out into the unknown and to learn how to run my own business.

I chose massage therapy to follow my calling in helping people learn to operate holistically in a beautifully balanced world of mind, body, and soul.

This career move is a choice that will allow me to reach my potential as a wellness advocate by infusing my passion and interest for anatomy and physiology with natural living and holistic processes.

I fully believe that my path in education and administration equipped me for the tools.

I need to be able to step out successfully into this new realm.

The top three most influential factors in my decision to pursue this path – “Lauren Steward“.

Flexible Of Work Schedule – “Lauren Steward”

That includes the flexibility of making my own work schedule.

And to connect with others in my community to help raise awareness for health and wellness, and to be true to who I am.

Going to school for massage therapy while working a full-time job and raising two small children has been no simple task.

And I am very fortunate to have such a strong emotional support system.

For the direction, I am going in my life.

I need to be able to have a flexible schedule to meet the needs of my clients, my family, and myself.

Eventually, being stuck in a school building for 8+ hours a day with no breaks no longer fit into my spiritual and physical well-being.

I had reached a place where I was ready to work hard to create a reality that would meet my needs.

And would give me space to make connections with my community to start building a clientele.

And dreaming of what I can bring to my family and community in this business.

I am very excited about building a business where I can thrive in doing what I love individually while working with other health and wellness minded individuals to host workshops, events, and retreats.

Some of my main questions and concerns about this career – Lauren Steward.

Include how I am going to protect my body in order to perform this physically taxing service as a full-time job.

And how I can maximize my income to continue to meet the needs of my household.

I foresee myself pursuing massage for as long as my body can perform. My goal is 20 years;

Probably, I know this is possible because as a healer.

I take very good care of myself first before I can work on others.

Therapists Life Cycle

Most therapists I know burn out by 6-10 years.

But I am fortunate to know some therapists who have been in it for 15-20 years.

And who are willing to help me learn correct body mechanics and build on my current self-care habits.

The most concerning part for sure is the income.

I am confident that my business sense will only get stronger.

And that every lesson I learn will be the best thing for myself and my business.

But getting out there and marketing myself to build a clientele to start off with making any kind of money to pay the bills is the biggest question mark.

As I approach graduation merely two months away – “Lauren Steward“.

I see practicing massage therapy as the tip of the iceberg on this new journey I have chosen to embark upon.

It will be the basis of my business as I incorporate essential oil classes and events, possible yoga teacher training in the future.

And learning other types of mind, body and soul work.

I could see myself possibly teaching massage at an accredited school at the end of my practicing career as I (Lauren Steward) will be very close to “retirement”.

Also, I use this term loosely because my love for this lifestyle is a reflection of who I am and I do not see myself ever being truly done with massage therapy.

I am excited to dabble in some other types of therapies as mentioned above.

But my passion for the human body and my love for education go hand in hand as a future teacher of massage.

In conclusion, I am so thrilled to finally be here looking out into a universe of immense possibility, healing the world one message at a time!

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