Requirements to Start a Massage School in Idaho

Requirements to Start a Massage School in Idaho, the requirements for massage therapy practice and education are overseen by the Idaho Board of Massage Therapy.

So which is a division of the Bureau of Occupational Licenses?

Idaho massage therapy laws require students to have completed a 500 hour in-class, supervised program from a school registered with the State Board of Education.

Registering as a Proprietary School with the Idaho State Board of Education

The State Board of Education does not approve your programs or curriculum.

To operate a school in the state of Idaho, you have to register with the board annually.

To register, you need to complete their form, which requires you to provide the following:

  • Name and physical address of school;
  • Owners, agents and officials of school;
  • Qualifications of owners, agents and also, officials;
  • Any additional schools you operate in Idaho;
  • Programs offered, their length and whether they lead to a certificate or licensure;
  • Student enrollment from previous two years (needed for renewal registration);
  • Copies of
    • Agent Certificates (identification) provided by schools
    • Financial Statements.
    • For the first year, estimated first year tuition receipts;
  • A surety bond in an amount based on the projected tuition receipts for the year;
  • Description of curriculum and course materials;
  • Accreditation or approval of curriculum from professional/licensure board(s);
  • Student policies (admission, re-admission, rights and also, responsibilities, evaluation of programs by students, grievances and refunds);
  • Administrative policies (hiring, instructor rights and responsibilities, workplace procedures, curriculum development and also, approval, procedures for ensuring high-quality instruction, assessment and evaluation of effectiveness, and student records and also, storage;
  • Materials used to solicit students;
  • School closure procedure.

In addition, you must submit your annual registration fee.

That fee calculates based on your actual (or projected, for the first year) gross tuition revenue.

Because it’s calculated at 0.5% of your gross tuition revenue, but cannot be less than $100 or more than $5000.

So you must also sign a certificate of compliance that lists the standards you are expected to meet by Idaho State Law.

Because these standards include having the materials listed above, as well as complying with certain quality standards for the above material.

Idaho Board of Massage Therapy Curriculum Standards

The Idaho board requirements for an entry-level massage therapy education include:

  • 200 hours in massage and bodywork assessment, theory and application;
  • 125 hours in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology;
  • 40 hours in pathology;
  • 25 hours in business and ethics;
  • 110 hours of clinical work under the supervision of a fully licensed person.
  • Clinical work on clients cannot begin until students have completed 20% of the curriculum.

When doing clinical supervision, the supervisor must be physically present and able to render assistance and direction to the student.

So if the student is doing fieldwork, the supervisor need not be physically present but must be available by telephone.

Summary – Requirements to Start a Massage School in Idaho

If you want to open a new massage therapy school in Idaho and requirements to Start a Massage School in Idaho.

So you must register your school with the State Board of Education and have a program of at least 500 hours of supervised in-class instruction.

Your curriculum must divide up as specified by the administrative rules governing massage therapy in Idaho.

Your school must register annually, and the cost of registration is 0.5% of your gross tuition, but not less than $100 or more than $5000.


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Requirements to Start a Massage School in Idaho

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