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CPR Certification Requirements for Massage Therapist in Some States

If you are a massage therapist, you may have considered whether you should train in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR. If you are licensed in some US states, you are required to maintain a valid CPR certificate (Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland,

The Ability to Promote Yourself & Differentiate from Others is Key Says Mario Reyes

Success isn’t quantitative, it is evaluated qualitatively by setting an expectation and meeting it accordingly. This applies to all practitioners and services, where clients evaluate success through their expectations and how well they were met. Success can extend beyond this

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Stellar Student Alexa Pellegrino Goes From Communication & Radio Production to Trotting the Globe

Since graduating high school, I’ve been on one giant adventure.  I was never sure of one clear cut goal, never really had one defined “passion” in life.  I only ever really did well in the arts (specifically music and photography)

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Shannon Bueche has been a Museum Manager, International Travel Coordinator, Personal Banker, Daycare Owner, Bartender

DYE YOUR HAIR BLUE! I wrote a post about this recently on my Facebook page as a random wish to everyone who had ever spent their life doing the “right” things, instead of following their heart and doing what they

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Teenage Pregnancy, Incarceration & Homelessness, a Driven Julia Hall has Seen It All

Every since I was a child, I knew I wanted to do resourceful. My meaning of resourceful equates to Leonardo da Vinci’s Renaissance Man- someone who is well-rounded in many subjects and can apply multiple subjects to everyday life. Currently,