How to Start a Massage Therapy School in Nebraska

How to Start a Massage Therapy School in Nebraska, the requirements for massage therapy practice and education are overseen by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

And also, if you want to open a massage therapy school in Nebraska.

So you must obtain a Massage Therapy School License from the state of Nebraska.

Obtaining a Nebraska Massage Therapy School License

In order to obtain a massage school license.

So you will have to meet the basic requirements for operating a massage school in Nebraska:

  • Have a physician licensed to practice medicine, surgery or osteopathy affiliated with the staff;
  • Employ at least one licensed massage therapist as an instructor;
  • Require incoming students to have a high school diploma or equivalent;
  • Offer a minimum of a1000-hour massage therapy program of study, that takes place over a period of not less than 9 months.
  • The 1000 hours should consist of
    • 100 or more hours of anatomy;
    • 100 or more hours of health service management;
    • And also, 100 or more hours of hydrotherapy;
    • 100 or more hours of hygiene and practical demonstration;
    • 100 or more hours of massage theory and practice;
    • And 100 or more hours of pathology;
    • 100 or more hours of physiology;
    • 300 or more hours of related massage training;
    • such as instruction in specific modalities, review for licensing exam, or hands-on training.
  • Have a successful rating on the inspection.

Department of Health and Human Services

Your first step will be to contact the Department of Health and Human Services and obtain a school license application.

In the application, you will need to provide:

  • The name and address of the business;
  • The name and address of the owner(s);
  • The name(s) of each person in control of the business;
  • Your social security number, if you are going to be a sole proprietor;
  • Your telephone number, email address and fax number (optional);
  • And also, your signature and signatures of other owners, if needed;
  • An attestation that you have not operated the school in Nebraska prior to applying for a license or noting how long you have been operating prior to the application (you may be penalized if you operate before you have been licensed);
  • An attestation that all of the information is true and that you are legally qualified to work in the United States.

Curriculum Plan

Along with your application, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  • A curriculum plan that lists all of the courses needed to complete your program;
  • A syllabus for each subject taught including:
    • Course name;
    • Course instructor;
    • Number of hours for the course;
    • A description of the course;
    • Course objectives;
    • Textbooks or other educational resources used;
    • Grading criteria.
  • Explanation of how you will document a student’s hours;
  • Instructors’ names and license numbers (if applicable) and the manager’s name;
  • A schedule of proposed hours of school operation;
  • A floor plan or blueprint. This must be submitted at least 30 days before the first day of class to allow for inspection.

Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services will act on your application within 150 days of receipt of a complete application, with all required information.  They will schedule an inspection of your facility.

Requirement – How to Start a Massage Therapy School in Nebraska

Your facility must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a clearly identifiable location;
  • Rooms must have adequate lighting and ventilation;
  • There must be an area for providing massage that can screen from public view;
  • If you have saunas or steam baths, you must also have shower facilities;
  • Each room where massage is conducted must have an EPA registered disinfectant that is proven effective against HIV-1 or Hepatitis B or is a Tuberculocidal and has liquid soap and water or instant hand sanitizer.
  • Have hot and cold running water;
  • Floors, floor coverings, walls, woodwork, ceilings, furniture, fixtures and equipment are clean and safe;
  • Floors are free of unsafe objects and slippery or uneven surfaces;
  • Doors, stairways, passageways, aisles or other means of exit provide safe and adequate access;
  • Electrical appliances or apparatus are clean and have no bare or worn wiring to avoid fires, shock or electrocution;
  • Water or products spilt on the floor are cleaned up immediately to avoid falls;
  • If candles are used, they must be on a surface where they are securely supported on a noncombustible surface and the flame is protected;
  • You must have a restroom;
  • Massage tables and chairs must be maintained in safe and sanitary conditions;
    • If they are not covered by sheets during treatments, they must disinfect between clients;
    • Sheets must be changed between clients;
    • Pads or sheets that come into contact with clients or get soiled must clean before being used with another client.

MIST – How to Start a Massage Therapy School in Nebraska

  • Flammable or combustible chemicals are stored away from heat or flame;
  • Cabinets, drawers and containers used for storage of massage supplies must be clean;
  • Used equipment and sheets cannot  mix with clean supplies;
  • Used towels and linens are placed in a closed container and not reused until cleaned;
  • Clean towels and linens are kept in a clean, enclosed, dust-proof cabinet or container until used;
  • Pillows must have a clean cover before each use;
  • Liquids, creams and other products are kept in clean closed containers;
  • Original product bottles and containers have the original manufacturer’s label and also, ingredients visible;
  • So products used on clients must dispense in a way that prevents contamination of the remaining supply;
  • Products in containers other than the original manufacturer’s container must label;
  • Products used on one client cannot remove and reuse on another client.
  • Electrical or mechanical tools and equipment must clean between clients using either an autoclave or disinfecting procedures using an EPA-registered disinfectant;
  • Foot baths or spas are disinfected using an EPA-registered disinfectant between uses;
  • Paraffin baths are clean.
  • Paraffin removed from one person cannot remelt and used for another person;
  • No smoking will allow in the school;
  • No person will allow using, consume, serve, possess or distribute any kind of intoxicating beverage or controlled substance on school premises during hours that the school is open to the public.

School License – How to Start a Massage Therapy School in Nebraska

You will grant a license if you meet all of the school licensure requirements.

Following your initial licensure, your facility will inspect once per renewal period to ensure continued compliance.

Once your school is licensed, so you will have to comply with requirements for documents:

  • Your school license must display in a conspicuous place;
  • You must have a sign with the school name in a conspicuous place at the entrance;
  • So you must display the license of each massage therapist who practices at the school;
  • You must have a copy of the license of the physician affiliated with your school in your files;
  • You must have a copy of the most recent Nebraska Massage Therapy Act.

Operating Requirements 

Operating requirements for your school include:

  • Students may not pay direct compensation, including tips;
  • And also, students must be under the supervision of an instructor at all times;
  • Students may not give credit for hours unless they were done in the prescribed curriculum or were transferred from a college or university;
  • Student hours must record on a daily basis;
  • You must give periodic evaluations that are graded.
  • Students must maintain a grade average above 75% in order to pass.
  • A final practical examination must give before a student is allowed to graduate.
  • The final practical must grade by two instructors with the grade being the average of the scores;
  • Your final practical exam may observe by the board to ensure it complies with the requirements;
  • Your school must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act in providing special arrangements if needed for students to take an exam;
  • So your school must post and also, adhere to the class schedule and school curriculum;
  • Only allow licensed massage therapists or health care providers whose scope of practice includes massage to provide massage therapy instruction;
  • Not allow massage students to teach any part of the curriculum;
  • Issue an official transcript to everyone who completes the program;
  • Notify the Department of any change in curriculum at the time of renewal.

Massage Therapy Clinic – How to Start a Massage Therapy School in Nebraska

If you have a massage therapy clinic on-site, it must have its own license.

Massage therapy school licenses expire on November 1 of odd-numbered years.

At least 30 days before expiration, you will get a renewal notice from the state.

So you will have to send in a renewal application before the expiration date.

Because if you let your license expire, you will have to re-submit an initial application.

Massage Therapy School application fees are $150, and the renewal fees are $150.

You may be subject to other fees for any changes to your location, name or ownership.

Summary – How to Start a Massage Therapy School in Nebraska

If you want to open a new massage therapy school in Nebraska and how to Start a Massage Therapy School in Nebraska.

So you must apply for and obtain a Massage Therapy School License through the Department of Health and Human Services.

Your school must have at least a 1000-hour curriculum.

It may take 150 days or more to establish a license, and your facility will have to pass an inspection prior to you obtaining a license.

The application fees are around $150.

Licenses are good for two years, and renewal fees are around $150 as well.


Nebraska Massage School Requirements

How to Start a Massage Therapy School in Nebraska

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