How to Learn the Russian Massage Technique, What It Is & Its History

Massage Therapy, out of the numerous massage therapy techniques in existence.

The Russian Massage is probably one of the rarest.

This massage originated in the former Soviet Union.

And is most commonly used to cure sports injuries.

There are multiple techniques used in this type of massage depending on the muscle tissue you are to work on.

There are many different techniques used in Russian Massage and thus for that reason.

This massage is often also called the reflexology massage, point massage and also the connective tissue massage

There are many similarities between the Russian massage and regular sports massages.

However, the Russian Massage has one major difference which sets in apart.

The movements in the Russian Massage are much softer and slower.

The aim of the Russian Massage is to generate significant friction between the hands and the skin.

The friction, in turn, generates heat which combined with the soft movements is used to massage the body.

If there is pain or stiffness in the muscles.

The regular techniques are combined with vibration.

This could be an excellent cure for sore muscles.

Of course, the Russian massage also has excellent relaxation qualities.

And it is an effective method of relieving stress and anxiety.

The History of the Russian Massage

Even though the Russian massage has many benefits.

It has only been in the U.S.A. for a short period of time.

Other massage therapy methods have been known for quite a long time.

However, the Russian massage was not introduced until the

middle of 1980’s. This massage therapy technique has been used in Russia and other former Soviet countries for over 130 years.

Even though the Russian Massage is more popular now than it was back in the day.

It is still very uncommon.

However, there are many benefits of this technique.

In fact, this massage technique is so effective.

That it used as a form of physical medicine only.

When the technique developed.

It was only taught to individuals who were studying medicine or sports therapy.

This was so until the 1900s.

Moreover, it was not available to everyone for the purpose of relaxation.

The only way an individual could get a Russian massage is if he/she had a prescription from a doctor.

This was when the massage would administer, much like a medicine.

Of course, if an individual was the member of an athletic team.

They would be eligible for a massage too.

If any individual wanted a massage for relaxation purpose.

They would only offer one in the form of a facial cleansing.

Moreover, it was only accessible to people who were rich.

Availability of the Russian Massage Today

The Russian massage has become more accessible today.

It is known to be an astounding method of rehabilitation of injured individuals.

This massage given so much importance in Russia.

That therapist often gave the status of medical practitioners.

The Russian massage now has a unique blend of regular therapeutic massage techniques and sports massage.

could allow the therapist to be able to heal soft tissues of the body.

When the soft tissues stimulated, aches and pains in the various muscles of the body can cure.

Of course, it is also a great source of relieving stress.

How to Learn Russian Massage

One of the biggest issues with Russian massage is the fact that not every massage school offers it.

Of course, there are some renowned schools that do offer relevant courses.

Even so, it often not offered as a separate program.

Most renowned schools that do offer this massage combine it with their other modalities.

This causes a great deal of confusion as to whether or not it is the appropriate way to study about Russian Massage.

While many students settle for studying Russian massage |as a modality, you do have other options.

You can look for look for massage schools that offers Russian massage therapy as a credit course.

Of course, you will also find schools that offer it as a subject for continuing education.

This could serve to be a viable option for you as well.

Moreover, you can also choose a school that offers it as a workshop or seminar.

Always confirm how Russian massage will be offered before choosing a massage school.

You can use our comprehensive database of massage schools near you to immediately request information from massage schools all for free.

Spend time going through their material to determine.

Whether Russian massage offered.

If you don’t see it, the material they will send you will have the contact information of individuals you can reach out to and find out directly.

Selecting a Massage School to Learn Russian Massage

There are many ways of looking for schools that offer Russian Massage as part of their program.

The simplest way as mentioned previously is to use our comprehensive database of massage schools near you.

Once you request the information for free, the next step is to short-list schools.

That provides Russian massage as a workshop, continuing education subject and credit course.

You can then start the deeper vetting process as you finalize your decision on which massage school to attend.

Do keep in mind that not all schools will be aware of the Russian massage.

This is likely not because Russian massage is not part of their curriculum.

But because it likely listed under another name.

Over the years, this massage has integrated into many different principles.

In most massage schools, a Russian massage may offer in combination with another technique under a different name.

This is why quite a few massage school administrative personnel may not be aware of it.

The Russian massage is a great technique to learn.

It is a great way of providing a relaxing therapeutic massage.

While curing sports-related injuries at the same time.

This massage could prove to be a better option than other therapies in some cases because of its prime focus.

The Russian massage makes use of the physiology of a muscle dysfunction to provide a healing effect.

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