Marjorie Brook Specializes in Scar Tissue Release & Therapeutic Stretching

Marjorie BrookI work from the fundamental belief that your body is intuitively aligned with the thoughts that you think, the emotions that you feel, and the things that you do. Achieving emotional and physical balance is crucial. I believe that you must reconnect with your body at an elemental level in order to achieve genuine inner peace and physical balance. I am a sole practitioner and instructor.

I founded Brook Seminars in 2007 after working for a decade as a nationally recognized massage therapist, with my own private practice on Long Island, NY. My private practice is out of my home and my clientele ranges from newborns to seniors.

Specializing in Scar Tissue Release and Therapeutic Stretching, I’ve had the opportunity to instruct continuing education courses on my Scar Tissue Release and Integrated Therapies (STRAIT) Method™ all over the world, and my articles have appeared in magazines such as MassageToday, American Fitness, and Massage World.

I’ve completed live interviews with numerous radio blogs, and had two series of stretching manuals published — which have been adopted by a multitude of health-care practitioners and health-oriented individuals.

My passion for teaching is most often rewarded when the potential impact of my techniques hits home — I’ve witnessed many “Ah ha” moments as students realize the positive implications for their patients and themselves. Oh, and laughter is not only endorsed, it’s a requirement in the classroom.

I lecture audiences globally on the importance of finding mind-body balance and, in addition to my work with Brook Seminars I run my own private massage therapy practice. I designed the latter to be a haven from the pressures of day-to-day life and use it as a platform to encourage people to take time out for themselves.

My former career was Broadcasting, PBS & ABC News. I left during the OJ era. I went into broadcasting to make videos that made a difference and just could not take it anymore. I took a hiking trip to Alaska and as I sat on top of a mountain I asked the universe what do I do now. The answer was massage something I had always thought about doing, came home walked into the local massage
school and never looked back.

My only concern was having to learn the sciences but I knew I was meant to help people and that this was the right move for me. So I jumped in feet first. Now I make a difference everyday working with those that are in need.

My specialty and what are the top three contributing factors to my success today?

Scar Tissue Release & Therapeutic Stretching

  1. Belief in the work
  2. Awareness of the client
  3. The need for this work

What many of my patients don’t realize is the physiological impact that scars can have on their bodies — whether it’s a minor scar earned by falling off a tricycle at age four, a high-school football injury, or a C-section scar sustained during the birth of a child. I’ve treated many patients over the years whose problems could be traced back to a scar they had forgotten they even had. They are always amazed at the results.

What would I change? The lack of proper education in the industry. My long-term vision was to fundamentally transform the way in which therapists practice bodywork. I yearned to enhance the lives of patients by demonstrating how to effectively diminish pain. I knew that the lives of those with a limited range of motion — resulting from poor posture, injury, scarring, and medical disorders — could be enriched with a combination of massage therapy, scar tissue release techniques, integrated therapeutic stretching and proper body mechanics.

Mistakes I have made and my advice to avoid them? Stay away from insurance. I lost a ton of money and time trying to work within that system and it is just not worth it.

Three biggest points of advice for an aspiring massage therapist today? What should they do/not do? What should they
think about and consider?

  1. Are you a massage therapist in business for themselves or are a Business person who’s field is massage therapy
  2. Are you ready to give all for your work or would you rather just make it a 9-5 and work for a company?
  3. Set your boundaries and stick to them There is no correct answer only what is right for you.

When I am not working, I enjoy hiking, ballroom dancing and walking my dogs.

Marjorie Brook, LMT is an International Educator, Therapist and Author. She can be reached at


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