Massage Therapy Schools in Colorado

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Firstly, the state of Colorado is most known for its alpine mountains.

And also, plains and deserts as well as its deep canyons and large rock formations.

So here you can escape all of the busy life of a city and indulge in the beautiful surroundings, wilderness and greenery.

As well as for the massage industry, Colorado is among the best.

So with only 12,890 individuals working in the state as a professional massage therapist.

So there is much opportunity to be had here.

And also, with an annual mean wage of nearly $37,000.

A massage therapist can live comfortably and happy in the state of Colorado.

To begin your journey towards certification here.

Be aware of the rules and regulations set forth for you to operate.

And also, practice by the Office of Massage Therapy Registration.

And also, in this article, you will find all of the necessary information.

You will need to further your education and career as a massage therapist in the state of Colorado.

So scroll straight to the bottom to see a list of the top massage therapy schools in Colorado.

Brief Summary of the Main Highlights

And also, in Colorado, there are several rules and regulations.

You must abide by to become certified as a massage therapist.

The Office of Massage Therapy Registration (Division Director) has set forth these regulations for you as an individual to practice by.

As well as, you continue reading, you will find the necessary education guidelines, licensure qualifying programs.

And also, requirements that you will need to consider and successfully complete.

So all massage related activities do require a certification.

So before you can begin your career.

Be sure you have completely met the below-mentioned requirements.

Schooling Details and Requirements (Credit Hours)

To fully meet the education requirements for massage therapy.

And also, you must complete a total of 500 hours of in-class instruction as well as training hours.

Furthermore, the education that you receive will include coursework involving posture, body systems and hydrotherapy, as well as psychology.

So all massage therapy programs at approved schools prepare you as the student to compete for entry-level massage therapy positions.

Because these positions may include clinical or sports settings.

Other required coursework will include business ethics for massage therapists, standard business practices, hygiene, first aid and CPR.

Licensure Qualifying Programs

And also, the following is a brief list of some of the approved massage therapy schools in the state of Colorado.

To view a complete list of schools, you can visit this website here.


Trinidad State Junior College

1011 Main Street

Alamosa, CO 81101

Phone: 719-589-7000


Anthem College

350 Blackhawk Street

Aurora, CO 80011

Phone: 800-322-4132


Denver School of Massage Therapy

14107 East Exposition Ave.

Aurora, CO 80012

Phone: 888-869-4325


Boulder College of Massage Therapy

6255 Longbow Drive

Boulder, CO 80301

Phone: 303-530-2100


School of Inner Health

1 Lovers Lane

Manitou Springs, CO 80829


Phone: 719-685-4805


Licensing/Certification Requirements

Applying for your license is one of the most important steps in beginning your practice as a massage therapist.

And also, Colorado has a mandatory practice act.

So which means that you are not allowed to practice as a massage therapist in the state without Colorado registration.

Requirements for registration are all outlined online.

Which you can visit this website to read these.

To apply for your massage therapy license.

So you must follow strict rules and guidelines.

So which have been set by the Office of Massage Therapy Registration.

Massage Therapy

Below are the requirements and documents you must submit prior to receiving your certification:

  • And also, a fully completed application returned to the Office of Licensing
  • As well as of January 1, 2009, you are required to submit your Social Security Number.
  • Otherwise, your application will not be considered for licensing.
  • However, exceptions are made if you are from a foreign country and are not physically present in the United States or do not have a Social Security Number.
  • Because if this applies to you.
  • So then you must submit a signed Social Security Number Affidavit in lieu of a Social Security Number.
  • To do so, please call 303-894-7800 to request that one be mailed to you.
  • And also, you must provide a true address and phone number.
  • However, if any contact information were to change.
  • Because it is your responsibility to notify the Office of Massage Therapy Registration.
  • So you can change your address online by using the Online Services tab, located on this webpage.
  • So enclose your non-refundable application fee of $90.
  • And also, this fee may only be paid by a check or money order drawn in United States dollars on a U.S. bank made payable to the State of Colorado.
  • So to provide documentation of any name changes
  • Complete the Massage Therapy Fingerprint and Background Check.
  • Which you can find instructions on this website.
  • And also, hold a degree or diploma from an approved massage school
  • Lastly, pass the MBLEx (Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination) or the NCETMB (National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork)

Send your completed application with supporting documents to the following address:

Colorado Division of Professions and Occupations

Office of Licensing – Massage Therapy

1560 Broadway, Suite 1350

Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 303-894-7800

Fax: 303-894-7693


Key Agencies/Boards involved and their contact information

And also, the Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Professions and also, Occupations is the governing organization over the massage profession in the state of Colorado.

So the office is referred to as the Office of Massage Therapy Registration.

Furthermore, you can visit their website by following this link provided.

Therefore, the mission of the Office of Massage Therapy Registration is to protect all consumers who accept treatment from a professional massage therapist.

Because this particular office regulates all individuals who work in this particular industry.

Mostly, the Division Director, however, does not regulate massage parlours or locations where massage therapy is practised.

Hence, this office is authorized to take any disciplinary actions it seems fit under the Massage Therapy Practice Act, Rules and Regulations.

So if you would like to contact the Office of Massage Therapy Registration.

So please consider the following contact information:

Office of Massage Therapy Regulation

1560 Broadway, Suite 1350

Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 303-894-7800

Fax: 303-894-7764



Requirements to Start a Massage Business in Colorado

And also, the state of Colorado is an exciting one to start your massage business.

So here, you will find many resources and organizations that are available to launch your business to success.

And also, one helpful resource is that of the Colorado Business Express.

However, trained professionals and business mentors work to help you start and also, file your business in the state legally and promptly.

So below are some of the important steps you need to take to correctly begin your massage business in the state of Colorado:

Massage Therapy License Renewal Process

Furthermore, after you have received your initial massage therapy license, you will be required to renew every 2-years.

So the renewal fee is $79.

And also, must be submitted along with the appropriate renewal application form, found on this website.

Massage Therapy License Reciprocity

For reciprocity in the state of Colorado.

And also, you must first apply for registration to practice massage therapy.

In addition, any out-of-state, or out of country education must be approved by the Office of Massage Therapy Registration prior to obtaining your Colorado certification.

Fees and background checks may be required as well.

Note: Specific personal information, office addresses, fees, payments etc.

May change over time.

Although we do our best to keep this site up to date.

So please ensure you contact the state board to obtain the most recent information at the time of your application.   

Here is a list of the top massage therapy schools near you.

And also, we have an arrangement with all of them that allow you to request information for FREE.

Lastly, please do so and take that first step toward a better future.

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Become a massage therapy school teacher in Colorado.

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  1. Rob says:

    How do I get my school listed with you?

  2. Jenn says:

    Is there a current minimum standard in Colorado for how a certification curriculum breaks down? For example, a minimum number of hours spent on anatomy, minimum amount of time spent on techniques, minimum number of required massages done by the student while in school, etc?

    • Neal Lyons says:

      Jenn – the State boards generally keep requirements high level in terms of hours in classroom vs hands on that are required. Schools normally determine how those hours are further sub divided

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