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How Massage License Reciprocity or Massage License Transfer Works

How Massage License Reciprocity or Massage License Transfer Works in the United States, massage therapy is regulated on the state and local level. This means that if you are already a licensed massage therapist in one state and arm moving

Requirements to Renew or Reinstate an Expired Massage Therapy License & Consequences of Practicing with an Expired License

Massage Therapy, In the United States, Massage Therapists are regulated at the state level. Each state has a board that governs the massage profession. If you are a massage therapist in a state that requires you to be licensed. And

Wyoming Massage Therapy Schools, Requirements & License

[qs_widget wtpl=”onestep” sub=”MASSAGE-THERAPY” framewidth=”600″ frameheight=”120″] Firstly, the state of Wyoming is beautiful and also, a wonderful place to live and open a massage business. Therefore, although this particular state does not have regulations over the massage industry. And also, you

Tennessee Massage Therapy Schools & Certifications

[qs_widget wtpl=”onestep” sub=”MASSAGE-THERAPY” framewidth=”600″ frameheight=”120″] As part of the “South”, Tennessee is a historic and country-rooted state with much to offer you as an aspiring massage therapist. Here, the country music plays and also, the Great Smoky Mountain heritage live

Utah Massage Therapy Schools & Licensing

[qs_widget wtpl=”onestep” sub=”MASSAGE-THERAPY” framewidth=”600″ frameheight=”120″] The state of Utah has 5,509 credentialed massage therapy practitioners. Making it a very competitive place to work as a therapist. The beautiful scenery, golden mountains and also, attractive landmarks make Utah a desirable place