What Is Energy Healing, Its Benefits and Why You Should Learn It

What Is Energy Healing, Its Benefits and Why You Should Learn It, Energy healing is a type of therapy which does not require much physical interaction by the therapist.

It is not very common practice, which is why not many therapists practice it.

That said, many massage therapists are trained in it and know how to perform it.

Energy healing can definitely be very effective in healing various dysfunctions in the body.

There are mainly two ways in which you can learn about energy healing.

We will discuss both below. The best part of this technique is that it is not only beneficial for the client, but also for the therapist.

Let’s look at energy healing in detail:

What Training Is Required To Become an Energy Healer?

Energy healing is not a technique recognized by western massage practitioners.

Therefore, there are no regulations on practising this type of therapy.

There are not many requirements when it comes to learning and practising energy healing.

Because of this, many therapists believe that they can just add energy healing to the list of services they provide.

However, there is extensive training that you have to go through in order to become an effective energy healer.

Not only will training enable you to provide the right type of therapy, it is also the ethical thing to do.

There are a few ways in which you can learn perform energy healing and you can ask your massage school to see if they provide this course.

Many massage schools do provide energy healing as a part of their extended educational program.

MIST – What Is Energy Healing, Its Benefits and Why You Should Learn It

This could enable you to get regular massage training as well as energy healing.

This can be a great option since most massage schools only charge a nominal amount for energy healing training.

You can also learn it from various energy healing schools.

The sole purpose of these schools is to teach energy learning, but the main disadvantage of learning energy healing at a dedicated school is the fee.

Even though the cost of learning energy healing is similar to other massage therapies, it could prove to be too much.

You might be paying for massage therapy at a different school, and for energy healing, you may have to spend just as much as a dedicated school.

This can add up to a hefty amount.

This is why it is preferable to learn energy healing at your massage school under its extended education system.

If you want to learn about energy healing at a dedicated school, you should be thorough in searching for one.

Be sure to do an internet search and look for renowned schools that teach this technique.

The fee structure for most energy healing schools is similar.

Therefore, you should make it a point to only opt for the ones that are well established.

Why Is It Beneficial To Learn Energy Healing?

There are quite a few advantages to learning energy healing.

The best option is to learn energy healing and incorporate it with the other massage services that you provide.

This could do wonders for your massage business.

Of course, you can also learn energy healing and practice it as a sole healing method.

This may give you a new perspective on your practice as a massage therapist.

Let’s look at a few benefits of working as an energy healer:

Funnelling In New Customers

The first and foremost advantage of learning an additional therapy technique is business.

The fundamental rule of business is to provide as many services as possible.

This gives your establishment the ability to funnel more customers who have varying interests.

For many establishments, it also makes for a great marketing campaign.

This rule applies to massage therapy as well.

The more services you include in your practice, the better you will be able to entertain your clients, What Is Energy Healing, Its Benefits and Why You Should Learn It.

Moreover, it may also be convenient for your clients.

If your clients were coming to you for a certain kind of therapy, and going elsewhere for energy healing.

You can now provide them everything under one roof,

Of course, you can also throw in a discount or two for better customer service.

This could boost your business substantially.

Less Physical Strain

One of the most important advantages of learning energy healing is the reduction in physical stress.

Energy healing does not require much physical interaction between you and the client.

This means that you will not go through much physical stress.

A big concern amongst therapists is that they get extremely tired.

However, with energy healing, you may get a significant break from all the hard work that regular massage requires.

Self-Relaxation – What Is Energy Healing, Its Benefits and Why You Should Learn It

Energy healing is one of the few techniques that relax the therapist and the client.

For you to make the client relax, you will have to concentrate well, which could promote relaxation in yourself as well.

This is mainly because your intuition affects the healing procedure.

You could get the rare opportunity to relax while treating the client.

Various Types of Energy Healing Therapies

There are quite a few types of energy healing therapies.

Even though you may have heard of some of these before.

You may not have known that they fall under the category of energy healing.

Let’s look at some of the most common types of energy healing therapies:


Reiki is a type of energy healing that is based on a certain belief which involves channelling the energy of the universe.

This belief suggests that there are three types of energy; Mother Nature energy, Solar Energy and the Energy responsible for creating the Universe.


Acupuncture is an energy healing technique that involves piercing various pressure points in the body with needles.

It may seem like a painful process, but clients hardy feel the needles.

The belief behind this technique is that energy pathways in the body get blocked and to reopen these pathways.

The key points of the body need to be stimulated.

Kinesiology – What Is Energy Healing, Its Benefits and Why You Should Learn It

Kinesiology is an energy healing approach that determines whether or not all the muscles of a body are working in sync.

If the muscles of the body are not in sync, it can cause various dysfunctions in various areas of the body.

The therapist aims at restoring the muscles to their original state so that the ailment can be cured.

In short, it is a form of energy healing that restores balance to the body.

If you want to expand your skill-set as a therapist, you should definitely consider learning energy healing.

Not only does it broaden your skill-set and offering.

It also makes for a great marketing campaign and an interesting niche that both you and your clients may fall in love with.


What Is Energy Healing, Its Benefits and Why You Should Learn It

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