What is the Shiatsu Massage Technique, It’s Origin and Benefits

What is the Shiatsu Massage Technique, It’s Origin and Benefits, the reputation of massage therapy has improved considerably over the years.

Previously, it was seen merely as an indulgence. And from a medical standpoint, only the people suffering from pain and discomfort due to injury or any joint disorder sought the services of massage therapists.

Hence, it is not surprising that many people stayed away from getting massages.

Let alone on a regular basis. It is only in the past few years that the reputation of massage therapy as a genuine means of proactively improving a person’s health and well-being has come to the forefront.

As a result, the demand for massage therapists has also increased.

This is one reason why more people are taking up massage therapy as a career option.

They enrol in massage school and receive the necessary training to graduate as a massage therapist.

Moreover, the general perception among people has also changed.

Many people feel that making massage an integral part of their health and fitness routine could pay off great dividends in the future.

This is why you see many people getting massages on a regular basis. This has enabled massage therapists to have a few regular clients they can provide their services to.

There is no doubt that massage therapy is one of the best ways to release stress.

The client would be lying on the massage table, totally relaxed and comfortable, while the massage therapist does all the work.

This enables the customers to feel relaxed and their stress goes away and they feel much better after getting the message.

Stress is the root cause of most common health problems today.

Getting rid of stress thus enables people to fight off common ailments.

MIST – What is the Shiatsu Massage Technique, It’s Origin and Benefits

Today, massage therapy is being viewed as a genuine means of treating different illnesses and disorders that people suffer from.

This is why you see an increasing number of people adding a massage therapist to their list of health providers.

In this regard, the massage therapist has as much importance for them as their doctor or physician.

They schedule regular sessions, usually on a weekly basis. This has enabled massage therapists to set up private practices.

As they know their regular clients aren’t going to any other massage therapist.

They can make a decent sum of money by serving their regular customers only.

There are different forms of massages you get to learn at massage school.

The most common form of massage is Swedish massage followed closely by deep tissue massage.

The techniques used for these types of massages stimulate the flow of blood to different parts of the body.

This could alleviate certain health problems.

The message may perform by stroking the skin with the fingers or applying pressure in a kneading motion.

Most massage therapists are able to perform different types of massages with great expertise. One of the leading forms of massages is Shiatsu.

Understanding the Shiatsu Massage Technique – What is the Shiatsu Massage Technique, It’s Origin and Benefits

Shiatsu is considered to be among the most effective types of massage. Even though its origins lie in a metaphysical rationale, the use of this massage has been known to treat numerous health problems.

By definition, Shiatsu means finger pressure, What is the Shiatsu Massage Technique, It’s Origin and Benefits

It is a Japanese word and like most Oriental massage techniques, the goal of Shiatsu is to restore the balance of the energy within the body.

In this regard, it is similar to acupuncture.

The basic idea is that health problems are caused when the flow of energy is blocked.

Through Shiatsu, these blockages can be removed and the flow of energy throughout the body improved.

The Shiatsu experts aim to find a balance between the Yin and Yang, the positive and negative energies in the body.

Using their expertise and knowledge, they determine the parts of the body where there may be a deficiency or excess of energy.

Health problems could emerge because of both these.

Through Shiatsu,  they attempt to address the imbalance.

Shiatsu is a versatile massage technique in the sense that the massage therapist is allowed to use all parts of the body to perform the message.

It is common for massage therapists to use their toes, feet, fingers, elbows and even legs.

That being said, the general message form, i.e. kneading and rubbing, is not a part of Shiatsu.

The goal is to apply pressure but often without using any general massaging techniques.

The part of the body the practitioner decides to use depends on the level of pressure that has to be applied.

If the therapist feels that excess pressure has to applied, he/she may use their elbows.

Along with pressing the pressure points of the body.

Shiatsu is Not Just Another Physical Massage – What is the Shiatsu Massage Technique, It’s Origin and Benefits

the therapist may also rotate or squeeze parts of the body, depending on the part of they are trying to access.

What sets Shiatsu apart from all other types of massage is that it is more than a just physical massage.

The basic principle is to restore the balance of Qi within the body. Without applying some spiritual techniques, this may not be possible.

When the balance of energy within the body has restored, a person’s health and wellbeing could improve considerably.

In addition, they may feel better emotionally and their spiritual wellbeing could also improve.

In this regard, Shiatsu is more of a spiritual experience than a physical one.

This means that it is quite possible that the person receiving the Shiatsu massage feels overwhelmed with emotion.

Instead of trying to avoid such a situation, the massage therapist has to prepare to deal with emotional outbursts.

It is quite common for the customer to start crying at some point.

As the massage therapist, you have to ensure you make the person feel comfortable by being sympathetic and listening to what they have to say.

This is why you need to be able to deal better with people when you are working as a Shiatsu practitioner.

Shiatsu is clearly an effective massage technique, the concept of which is metaphysical.

It has proven to be quite useful for treating several physical ailments as well.

Getting a shiatsu massage is one way for people to maintain optimum health and wellbeing.

Apart from their physical health, their mental, emotional and spiritual well-being could also improve.

It is your responsibility to clearly articulate this message and once you do.

You will flood with requests for Shiatsu massage, yet another way to expand your horizons and build on your successful massage career.


What is the Shiatsu Massage Technique, It’s Origin and Benefits

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