Starting a Massage School in New Hampshire

Starting a Massage School in New Hampshire, the requirements for massage therapy practice and education are overseen by the Advisory Board of Massage Therapists, a division of the Office of Professional Licensure and Certification.

If you want to open a private massage therapy school in New Hampshire so starting a Massage School in New Hampshire.

So you will need to have a 750 hour program that meets the requirements of the Advisory Board, and also have a Career School License from the New Hampshire Department of Education.

Obtaining a New Hampshire Career School License

In order to obtain a New Hampshire career school license, you must apply to the Higher Education Commission of the State of New Hampshire.

The application must be submitted at least 120 days before beginning advertising or instruction.

Your application must include the following:

  • Name, address, and other contact information for the school and also, the owner(s) and administrator;
  • A $3,000 initial licensing application fee;
  • Your school’s purpose and mission statement, bylaws if any, and also, a copy of your certificate of registration filed with the New Hampshire secretary of state;
  • An organizational chart, including administrative responsibilities and authority.
  • Your school administrator must meet certain requirements:
    • No felony convictions;
    • Has not been successfully sued for fraud or deceptive trade practices within the past 10 years;
    • Not currently a plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit whose outcome may affect the school’s ability to continue operation;
    • Has never owned or operated a school that had legal or administrative habitual violations, including late refund;
    • It has never knowingly falsified or withheld information from the office of career school licensing;
    • Has not been disciplined, in writing, by any state board governing his or her professional license;
    • Since a massage school is not a credit-bearing program, your administrator must meet the minimum education and also, experience requirements for non-credit programs:
      • A high school diploma or equivalent;
      • At least three years of teaching, practice or business management in a field related to the courses taught;
      • Either three years of experience in administration or supervision in a post-secondary school or a combination of related experience that totals three years;
    • If you change administrators, you must notify the office of career school licensing, and provide a resume for the new administrator.

Classroom And Hours

  • Program and course approval forms.
  • So your program must meet the following requirements:
    • Your program must support the mission of the school;
    • Your program must have a sequence of courses leading to competency in the field of massage therapy;
    • You must offer students all of the classes and hours needed to complete the program as advertised;
    • You must have adequate faculty and instructional resources for the students enrolled in your program;
    • A classroom hour is 60 minutes with a minimum of 50 minutes of instruction;
    • Diplomas or certificates are not issued until students have completed the program of study;
    • If you use distance-learning, it must be up to the same educational and faculty standards as any in-classroom instruction;
    • You must inform the office of career school licensing if you change any of your programs or courses.
  • Your admission requirements must the following requirements:
    • Only admit students whose education and abilities would allow them to benefit from the program;
    • As well as required by the massage therapy law, incoming students should have a high school diploma or equivalent;
    • You must maintain records for each student to show compliance with admission requirements;
    • You must provide a copy of your school’s enrollment contract, and also, it must meet all state and also, federal legal requirements;
    • Students may only be enrolled at the beginning of a program or course;
  • An instructor personnel form.


  • Your instructors must meet the following requirements:
    • Be at least 18 years old;
    • Hold a high school diploma or equivalent;
    • Have a minimum of three years experience (practical or teaching)in the field they are to instruct within the 6 years before being hired by the school;
    • Be a licensed massage therapist;
    • Never convicted of a felony;
    • Never been disciplined in writing by the state licensing board;
    • You must inform the office of career school licensing on hire of new instructors;
  • As a measure of your course outcome, you must track one or more of the following:
    • The knowledge, skills and competencies students have acquired;
    • The number and percentage of your graduates that successfully obtain a massage therapy license;
    • So the number and percentage of your students that successfully complete your program;
    • The number and percentage of your graduates working in the field of massage therapy 60-90 days after program completion.

Student Enrollment

  • You must maintain the following student records:
    • Student enrollment agreements;
    • Student progress reports that include information on attendance and also, performance;
    • If you have an enrollment test, the results of that test;
    • Student information such as name, address, telephone number, date of birth, dates of attendance, and also, date of program completion;
    • Records of all monies paid and owed by the student;
    • You must maintain clear and accurate records for preparation of transcripts and also, certificates;
    • Records must be made available to the office of career school licensing during site visits to your school;
    • Student records must store in a safe and secure environment;
    • Student academic transcripts must keep permanently;
    • So you must maintain a permanent student registry list.
  • So you must have adequate and appropriate learning resources for your program;
  • You must submit the following information regarding facilities and also, equipment:
    • A description of your floor plan and equipment;
    • Copies of inspection reports or certificates to show your facility meets safety and building codes;
    • A copy of your lease, if you are not the owner of the property;
  • Your school must have adequate finances to operate, keep accurate financial records, and also, have adequate insurance.
  • You must provide information about your insurance with your application;
  • And also, you must have a surety bond, irrevocable letter of credit or term deposit of at least $10,000.
  • The amount is based on your gross tuition receipts.
  • You must provide a copy of your catalogue or other published information to the public.

MIST – Starting a Massage School in New Hampshire

  • It must include the following information:
    • Mission, ownership and control of the school;
    • Officers, board, faculty and staff;
    • Admission requirements;
    • Beginning and ending dates of each term, including add and also, drop dates;
    • Calendar of holiday and other important dates;
    • Posting of instructor, location and courses offered at the beginning of each term;
    • Listing of program and courses offered, along with the length and also, curriculum offered;
    • Description of grading system;
    • Withdrawal policy;
    • Requirements for graduation;
    • Rate of student success (retention, graduation, or other measures);
    • Schedule of tuition, fees, and all other expenses;
    • Cancellation and refund policy;
    • Procedures and policies regarding transfer of credits;
    • Where to file student complaints or seek redress;
    • Other material facts that may help a student decide whether they should enrol at your school.
  • Your school must meet ethical requirements of not misleading the public as to your facilities or programs.
  • In addition, your school or representative may not make any unsubstantiated claims or guarantees as to employment opportunities following completion of the program.

Following receipt of your application, the office of career school licensing will review the application and also, conduct a site visit.

And also, if your school meets the requirements, you will be issued a license.

Your license will need to renew annually.

And also, your renewal fee will determine by your annual gross tuition, but will not be less than $500.

Requirements of the Advisory Board of Massage Therapists

To meet the advisory board requirements, your school must provide 750 hours or more of instruction.

Of those 750 hours

  • 150 hours must be in Anatomy and Physiology;
  • 375 hours must be in the History, Theory, Practice, Benefits and Contraindications of Massage Therapy and Related Modalities;
  • 50 hours must be in Hygiene and Safety, including blood born pathogen education as well as CPR and First Aid Certifications;
  • 50 hours must be in Health Service Management, Business Practices and Ethics of Massage;
  • 125 hours must in Verifiably Document Practice Hours.

Your school must keep records for at least 3 years after the student graduates of the Documented Practice Hours.

Records – Starting a Massage School in New Hampshire

These records must include

  • A client form, with name, address, telephone number, and signature;
  • Student form with student’s name, client’s name, date of session, duration of session and session notes;
  • A school log with student name, client’s name, address, and also, telephone number, duration of the session and also, a school official’s signature verifying the accuracy of the log.
  • The school logs must be made available to the Advisory Board and the Department of Education.
  • Starting a Massage School in New Hampshire

Your school may allow some of the hours to do via distance learning under certain conditions:

  • The coursework is not a palpation-dependent hands-on course;
  • All palpation-dependent hands-on courses are done at the massage school;
  • The distance-learning course requires a self-assessment quiz to be done by the student before being allowed into the course.
  • The quiz includes inquiries relative to the student’s
    • Expectations of online learning;
    • Academic experience;
    • Technology skills;
    • Writing skills;
    • Level of maturity;
    • Self-discipline;
  • Specific learning goals for each course are posted online;
  • Distance-learning courses allow constant interaction between student and also, instructor including:
    • On-line discussion board;
    • Virtual classroom;
    • Responsive email; and
    • Live chat;
  • So each course contains a weekly scheduled time for the student to meet live with the instructor;
  • Each course provides timely and reliable feedback to students;
  • Distance-learning courses provide an online grade book for students to monitor their progress.

Summary – Starting a Massage School in New Hampshire

If you want to open a new massage therapy school in New Hampshire and Starting a Massage School in New Hampshire.

So you must apply for and obtain a career school license through the Department of Education.

So your school must have at least a 750-hour curriculum that meets the requirements of the Advisory Board.

Because it should take approximately 120 days before your license approve.

The initial application fee is $3,000.

And also you require to have school insurance and also, a surety bond or letter of credit.

Your license will renew annually.


New Hampshire Advisory Board of Massage Therapists

New Hampshire Office of Career School Licensing

Starting a Massage School in New Hampshire

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