Working at Sports Massage Facilities to Treat Athletes Engaged in Repetitive Motion

Sports Massage Facilities to Treat Athletes Engaged in Repetitive Motion, there is a very specific curriculum you can take in massage school which will prepare you to work in a sports massage facility.

Where your main clientele will be athletes who are constantly engaged in similar repetitive motions over time.

Massage therapy has several subsets and niches within the broader practice of massage.

We have seen therapists specialize deeply a single niche.

For example, there are therapists that only work on tennis players.

There are therapists that work only on one body part.

There are also therapists who are generalists, the jack of all trades if you will.

If you want to get more granular in the practice of massage, consider this.

There are therapists that only work on left-handed tennis players.

Why? Because the problems left-handed players experience are different from right-handed players.

The point is that you can specialize very deeply into any niche within the practising massage.

Massage therapists who are sports fans and who enjoy being around athletes often work in sports massage.

MIST – Sports Massage Facilities to Treat Athletes Engaged in Repetitive Motion

Massage therapists who focus on sports and athletes can work in facilities.

And even as part of teams and clubs, often travelling with the team so that they are available for the players whenever the need arises.

There is a certain type of lifestyle that comes with each specialized profession.

Thus it is important to ensure you pick a profession that closely matches your personality and style.

This is a message you will see us repeat constantly throughout this website.

In many ways, performing massage therapy on athletes in relatively easier because each sport has a predictive set of repetitive movements or motions.

For example, basketball players mostly suffer from similar aches and pains.

Whereas all tennis players do as well albeit a different set of aches and pains compared to basketball players.

This illustrates yet another aspect of the flexibility that a profession in massage therapy has to offer.

You can go as broad as you’d like, or as deep and specialized as you’d like, focusing on only one subset, target clientele or even a specific body part or type of pain or ache.

Moreover, you can choose the type of lifestyle you want.

For example as someone who walks into the same facility from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.

Either as a travelling sports therapist who accompanies their team as the team travels around during their season.


Sports Massage Facilities to Treat Athletes Engaged in Repetitive Motion

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