What Is Scalp Massage, How It Works, How to Learn It and Why?

What Is Scalp Massage, There are many different techniques of massage therapy.

Some of these techniques are quite popular and clients ask for them the most.

However, there are many others which are not as common and not too expensive to perform.

Such massage techniques seldom bring in customers.

This is why you have to ensure that you offer massage techniques that funnel in customers.

If you offer a variety of massage therapies that are loved by customers, you could experience immense success in your massage practice.

Including some of these massage techniques into your practice may not always be easy or cost effective.

This is why you should look for massage therapy techniques which are economical to set up and at the same time loved by customers.

Moreover, because of their ease, you may not have to spend a lot of time learning them.

One such technique is the scalp massage.

It can be just as relaxing as a full body massage and it is not an expensive investment, is easy to learn and funnels in a healthy amount of customers.

There are many reasons for this. One reason is that certain customers may not have a lot of time on their hands and just want a quick, relaxing massage.

Another is that many people still don’t enjoy a traditional massage (a human being rubbing them down).

Some simply find scalp massage more relaxing and pleasurable.

Let’s have a look at the scalp massage technique in detail:

How Does a Scalp Massage Work?

When you give a body massage to a client, you stimulate certain nerves, muscles and blood vessels.

Due to this, the body feels more relaxed.

Similarly, certain nerves and muscles are also stimulated during a scalp massage.

This allows the client to relax.

In most cases, scalp massage is considered less effective than a full body massage when it comes to healing muscle tissue.

This is because there is a hefty amount of nerves and muscles stimulated during a body massage that is directly part of the muscle tissues (the body itself).

In spite of this, the scalp massage has been popular for a long period of time.

It hits its own set of nerves in the body (the head primarily).

The scalp massage has also been an important part of Ayurvedic treatment for centuries.

In addition to this, the scalp massage is also a vital element of the holistic medicine approach.

This message was most used to relieve stress and cure headaches.

Scalp massages were also used to cure diseases that were supposedly caused by a fluid imbalance in the head.

In fact, modern research has proved that, in certain cases, a scalp massage can be substituted for a full body massage.

While diseases may not be cured with a scalp massage, you could be able to provide relaxation to your clients.

Contrary to popular belief, the scalp massage does not include only the head.

It also includes the face. In some cases, the neck and shoulders are also considered a part of the scalp massage therapy.

What Is Scalp Massage

It is very important to learn scalp massage techniques from a reliable source.

This is because a scalp massage requires absolute precision.

In a full body massage, you can easily stimulate the muscles and veins to promote relaxation.

But when it comes to the scalp massage you have to be precise for stimulating the veins and muscles because they are situated close to each other and are harder to stimulate.

Do keep in mind that if you are adding a scalp massage to a regular therapy package, you won’t have to learn much extra.

However, if you are providing it as an individual option, you need specialized education and credentials.

In most cases, massage schools provide training on how to give a scalp massage.

Many massage schools do not offer it as a primary part of their course. There are two options you can look towards in such a case.

The first option is to learn scalp massage as a separate course from the school.

For this, you may need to continue studying at the school even after your other courses are done and dusted.

What Is Scalp Massage, you can also pursue learning scalp massage as part of your continuing education requirements.

On the other hand, you can apply for a course in Ayurveda.

Just makes sure that the program you apply for provides in-depth knowledge about Ayurveda.

This way, you will be able to learn about the essential elements of giving a scalp massage.

Requirements for a Scalp Massage

The requirements of a scalp massage are quite different if you are providing it separately.

If you are planning to include scalp massage as a separate package, you will need a massage chair.

Most massage therapists begin practising scalp massage on a table, which is incorrect practice.

You may not be able to provide the same level of relaxation to the client on a table.

Of course, you will require lotions and oils for massaging the neck and shoulders.

However, this is only if you are including the neck and shoulders in the scalp massage package.

You will need a lotion to massage the face in any case.

Additionally, a scalp brush may also prove to be an effective tool in giving a good scalp massage.

Precautionary Measures When Practicing Scalp Massage

Like most massage types, there are certain precautions which you should take when giving a scalp massage.

The first and most important thing you should avoid is giving a scalp massage on a table.

A table is, without a doubt, is effective and comfortable when giving a variety of massages.

However, it is not the ideal tool for a scalp massage.

This is because the table restricts access to the shoulders and neck significantly.

If you are not able to reach these areas, you may not be able to give a good scalp massage.

In addition to this, you may also not be able to reach the face properly.

What Is Scalp Massage, How It Works, How to Learn It and Why?

The best tool for giving a scalp massage is a massage chair, What Is Scalp Massage

This should be taken care of because it can make all the difference between a satisfied and an unsatisfied client.

Another important aspect to consider is the massage oils used on the scalp.

Certain essential oils can be very damaging to the scalp.

This is because these oils remain in the hair for a long time, and can cause irritations or allergies.

If you want to make your massage therapy practice a growing success, you should consider adding scalp massage to your existing techniques.

It could definitely prove beneficial either as a standalone massage or when paired with another massage as it has for many successful massage therapists.


What Is Scalp Massage

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