How to Run a Massage School in Kansas

How to Run a Massage School in Kansas, massage therapy is not regulated at the state level, although at the local level some regulations may exist.

To start a new massage school in Kansas, you would need to have approval from the Kansas Board of Regents.

Obtaining Approval from the Kansas Board of Regents

So your first step in obtaining a certificate of approval is to email a board representative and also, request a link to the online initial inquiry application.

And also, if your school requires having a certificate of approval.

So you will then grant access to the application.

After you fill out the application and pay the required fees, the Board of Regents staff reviews your application.

The review process may take several months, depending on the quality of your submissions and their program evaluation requirements.

A site visit may require.

So once you are approved, you will have to renew your certificate annually.

Kansas requires that your school meet these minimum requirements:

  • The physical space is free from hazards and properly maintained;
  • The learning environment is appropriate for your curriculum in size, seating, lighting, equipment and resources;
  • You must either own the building or have a long-term lease so that stability can assure;
  • If you have student housing, it must meet local public health and safety standards;
  • Your school has had the appropriate safety inspections and the inspection results are maintained on site and also, sent to the board annually;
  • You have a sufficient number of administrative staff and they have the appropriate training, education and experience to run a school;
  • Your executive and academic leaders have sufficient credentials that “reasonably ensure that the purpose and policies of the institution are effectively maintained;”
  • Academic, enrollment and also, financial records of students are securely maintained and also, protected from theft, fire, and also, all other possible loss.

MIST – How to Run a Massage School in Kansas

  • You must maintain records for 50 years after students leave the school.
  • Personnel records and also, records related to the development of the following operations must maintain for 3 years:
    • Administration, curriculum, student guidance, instructional supplies and also, equipment, library, physical plant, staff and also,  student activities.
  • Your financial statements, which must submit to the board, should meet the following criteria:
    • A minimum asset to liability ratio of 1:1;
    • Exhibit a positive net worth or demonstrate a profit earned;
  • If your school receives loans on behalf of a student from a private lender, you must
    • Apply loans to tuition, fees or living expenses for the student;
    • Accept loan disbursements in at least 2 different payments at least 90 days apart;
    • Make refunds to the bank, not to the borrower;
    • Upon receipt of loan money for items to provide by the school to the student, you must give the student the items, except for test vouchers;
    • Not accept loan funds until the student begins attending class;
    • Not accept money for test vouchers more than 30 days before the test.
  • Have a refund policy that publishes your school catalogue, complies with Kansas law, refunds money for items a student paid for but didn’t receive
  • It must be in accord with the rules and regulations for Kansas schools in terms of what percent of tuition will refund at certain points in the timeline.

Application – How to Run a Massage School in Kansas

  • Reference the school’s refund policy in any correspondence regarding a student’s withdrawal.
  • Have an electronic and/or print catalogue that meets the rules and requirements for Kansas schools.
  • Enrollment documents must meet Kansas law’s requirements.
  • Advertising and promotional materials must meet the rules and requirements for Kansas schools.
  • Your curriculum must be
    • Directly related to your published mission;
    • Have a well-organized sequence of courses leading to occupational or professional competence;
    • Reasonably and adequately achieve the objectives.
  • You must follow your policies for measuring student progress;
  • The instructional material must be current and appropriate for the field;
  • Instructional equipment must keep in good repair and used by students according to safety policies;
  • Faculty members must have appropriate qualifications, and also, maintain continuous professional experience in the field;
  • You have to provide in-service training for faculty;
  • Students must give an appropriate credential upon graduation, such as a certificate or diploma.
  • The credential must include the student’s name, the school’s name, the name of the program completed and the date it was completed.

On your application for approval, you will need to provide adequate proof that your schools meet the above standards.

After you have conditional approval, you will need a $20,000 surety bond or other equivalent security acceptable to the state board.

Assuming your school only grants diplomas, not degrees, you will have to pay the following fees:  $1,000 for the initial application and $750 for initial evaluation.

Your annual renewal fees will be 2% of your gross tuition receipts, but not less than $100 or more than $10,000.

Additional fees may require if you relocate your school, add another program, or change your program.


To open a new massage school in Kansas and how to Run a Massage School in Kansas.

So you will have to obtain approval from the Kansas Board of Regents.

The school must meet requirements regarding physical plant, financial stability, curriculum, and also, faculty in order to approve.

The approval process is likely to take several months, and your fees to the state for their review of your application will be approximately $1,750.


Kansas Board of Regents

How to Run a Massage School in Kansas

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