Operating a Massage School in Michigan

Operating a Massage School in Michigan, the requirements for massage therapy practice and education are overseen by the Michigan Board of Massage Therapy.

A division of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Action (LARA).

And also, if you want to open a private massage therapy school in Michigan and operating a Massage School in Michigan.

So it must license as a proprietary school approved by LARA.

And also, it must meet the educational requirements for massage therapy schools in the massage therapy laws and rules.

Obtaining Licensure from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Action

Furthermore, you will have to go through a two-step process to obtain a proprietary school license in the state of Michigan.

You will initially apply for a temporary permit.

After the first year of operation, you may apply for a license.

If your school is accredited by a national accrediting agency, your license will need to renew every three years.

So if you are not accredited, you will have to renew annually.

The application requires you to provide:

  • Contact information for the school;
  • Fire inspection or certificate of occupancy;
  • Proposed advertising, including website material;
  • A surety bond in an amount commensurate with your expected enrollment.
  • The minimum is $5000;
  • A list of the equipment supplied by the school;
  • A drawing of the facility, including size and layout of classrooms;
  • Position descriptions and qualifications for each instructional and also, administrative position;
  • Proof of accreditation, if applicable;
  • Confirmation that your school meets the requirements of the Board of Massage Therapy;
  • A list of the courses and clock hours in your program.

Proprietary School Standards

Your school will need to comply with the Proprietary School standards:

  • Your instructors’ qualifications will submit to the licensing board to ensure that they are qualified.
  • Instructors in massage therapy will need to license massage therapists.
  • Your student application form and contracts will comply with your school catalogue.
  • Your refund policy must be in the contract.
  • You must maintain student records, other than grades and transcripts, for three years.
  • Grades and transcripts must maintain in perpetuity.
  • If you close your school, you will need to turn those records over to the licensing board.
  • Your class loads and programs must approve.
  • So your program must meet standards of trade and business practice and outlines of lessons must be available for review.
  • Your equipment must meet safety standards.
  • You cannot change locations without informing the licensing board.
  • Your advertising must not misrepresent your program or the profession.
    • So you can only list regular instructors in your advertising.
    • You cannot place blind advertisements or advertise in “help wanted” sections.
    • And also, you can state that you are licensed, but not that you are approved, recommended or endorsed by the licensing board.
    • You cannot knowingly try to get a student to change to your school if they are already enrolled or have signed a contract with another school.

Application Fee – Operating a Massage School in Michigan

The school application fee is $1425.

Your renewal fee is based on your enrollment and also, will be at least $300 per year.

Your school may inspect by the licensing board.

Curriculum Requirements

Michigan massage therapy laws and also, rules require that your school provide 500 hours of supervised instruction.

The instruction must include the following topics:

  • 40 hours of student clinic;
  • 85 hours of additional massage instruction;
  • 125 hours of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology;
  • 200 hours of massage and also, bodywork assessment, theory, and application;
  • 40 hours of pathology;
  • 10 hours of business practices and professional ethics, with at least six hours of ethics.

Michigan allows you to use in-class, online, or a combination of the two for classwork other than the student clinic and also, the 85 additional hours.


In order to open a massage school in Michigan, you must have a minimum of 500 hours of instruction.

So you will first have to get a temporary permit from the department of licensing and also, regulatory action (LARA).

After you have operated for 12 months under a temporary permit, you can apply for a license.

Licenses are renewed annually unless you are accredited, in which case they are renewed every three years.

Your initial application fee will be $1425.

And also, you will need to have a surety bond in an amount of $5000 or greater, based on your enrollment.


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