Opening a Massage Therapy School in Minnesota

Opening a Massage Therapy School in Minnesota, massage therapy is not regulated at the state level, although at the local level some regulations may exist.

To start a new massage school in Minnesota, you would need to have a private career school license from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

Obtaining a Private Career School License

To apply for a private career school license in Minnesota.

So your school will have to meet standards required by state law with regard to:

  • Certificates or diplomas that meet state standards;
  • Student records protected and accessible to former students;
  • A statutory refund policy;
  • Financial resources sufficient to meet the school’s obligations;
  • Appropriate faculty;
  • Accurate and useful information regarding your school’s programs, tuition and also, fees, admissions, evaluation, dismissal, and also, refunds for students.

And also, you will have to submit an application to the Office of  Higher Education (OHE).

School Application – Opening a Massage Therapy School in Minnesota

In the application, you will require providing the following information:

  • School organization and ownership;
  • Financial information, including a projected income and also, expenses for the first two years of operation;
  • Copies of all media advertising – all advertising must approve in advance by OHE;
  • A copy of your catalogue;
  • Inspection report to show that the premises are safe and also, sanitary;
  • Enrollment agreement and contract forms – these must approve in advance by OHE;
  • Qualifications of your instructors – instructors are required to have a baccalaureate degree or three years of experience in the field they are teaching;
  • Information on your organizational framework to show you have the administrative and instructional personnel to accomplish your program objectives;
  • Provide workers compensation information;
  • Title of program and type of diploma/certificate award to graduates;
  • Geographic location;
  • Proposed beginning date for your programs;
  • Length of program;
  • Number of graduates expected annually;
  • Detailed information on the curriculum required to complete the program, including course names, hours, objectives and also, skills to be learned;
  • Data that supports employment opportunities for graduates;
  • Physical resources needed, including equipment you currently have to be used in the program;
  • Information services needed, including libraries;
  • Academic and administrative plans for monitoring the quality of the program;
  • Availability of opportunities for clinical, internship, practicum or externship sites, if applicable.

So the fees for a private school license application and also, solicitor permit for the first year is $2,500 for the first program you offer, plus $500 for each additional program, if applicable.

And also, you require to have a surety bond in the amount of $10,000 for the first year, and also, 10% of the previous year’s income for subsequent years.

Solicitors/recruiters for your school require a $350 annual permit, plus a $2,000 bond.


And also, to open a new massage school in Minnesota and opening a Massage Therapy School in Minnesota.

So you will have to obtain a license from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

The school must meet requirements regarding physical plant, financial stability, curriculum, and also, faculty in order to approve.

Because application fees for the first year are $2,500 or more.

So annual renewal requirements for your school license and also, solicitors permits.


Minnesota Board of Higher Education – Private Career Schools

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