New Mexico Massage School Start Up Requirements

New Mexico Massage School Start Up Requirements, the requirements for massage therapy practice and education are overseen by the New Mexico Massage Therapy Board.

So if you want to open a private massage therapy school in New Mexico, you will need to have a 650 hour program that is registered with the Board and meets the criteria established by the board.

Registration with the Massage Board

The Board requires that you have a 650 hour program.

The 650 hours are to include:

  • 165 hours of Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology and also,  Pathology.
  • At least 40 of these hours must be in Pathology;
  • 150 hours of Massage Therapy, including contraindications.
  • At least 100 hours must be in hands-on practice;
  • 75 hours of General Instruction in Business, Hydrotherapy, First Aid (4 hours), CPR (4 hours), and also,  Professional Ethics (30 hours);
  • The remaining hours shall be massage related electives, which can include additional massage therapy, related hands-on modalities, additional anatomy and also,  physiology, clinical practicum (no more than 150 hours), counselling, herbology, homoeopathy, nutrition, breathing and stretching techniques, theory, and also, other courses with board approval.

Policies And Procedure – New Mexico Massage School Start Up Requirements

When you apply for registration, you will need to provide the board with copies of your policies and procedures on:

  • Enrollment and financial;
  • Cancellation/withdrawal and refunds;
  • Grading methods;
  • Attendance and make-up;
  • Student conduct and discipline;
  • Dress code;
  • Hygiene protocol;
  • Draping procedures;
  • Evaluation forms;
  • Curriculum;
  • Advertising catalogue;
  • List of textbooks for all courses;
  • Qualifications of instructors not registered with the board as massage therapists.

And also, you are to provide information to the board in a 3-ring binder with labelled tabs dividing each section.

Your documentation must be in the order listed on the application.

And also, the month and year of the submission must be in the bottom right corner of each page.

The application itself lists the requirements your documentation must meet in each category.

So you will give a provisional registration that is good for up to one year, in order to give you time to get the school up and running.

After that, your school will be inspected by a board representative and also, will give 30 days to correct any items, not in compliance with the board’s laws and rules.

If you fail the second inspection, the board may take action against the school.

Student Inspection – New Mexico Massage School Start Up Requirements

Your inspection will include

  • Cleanliness of the premises;
  • New Mexico state school registration and also, registration of instructors;
  • Local business license posted;
  • Complaint policy posted, with the address and also, phone number of the board;
  • Student clinic log;
  • Student attendance log;
  • And, Student files;
  • Equipment and teaching aids.

Your school must meet the following standards:

  • Every instructor teaching massage therapy must be registered as a massage therapy instructor;
    • Instructors must apply to the board for registration;
    • Instructors must have a New Mexico massage therapy license;
    • And also, instructors must have practised massage for at least two of the three years preceding their application;
  • Qualifications of all instructors must be available on premises;
  • School registrations must be renewed yearly;
  • So your school and instructors must comply with New Mexico professional conduct requirements;
  • You may charge the public a “room usage fee” during the time a student is performing a message for clinical practicum training.

Furthermore, you will have to inform the board within 30 days of any changes that may affect your school’s registration.

Because this may include changes in instructors, staff or curriculum, or other changes that may affect the programs offered.

The application fee for a massage school registration is $400, plus a $50 registration fee, for a total of $450.

The annual renewal fee is $50.


So if you want to open a new private massage therapy school in New Mexico.

So you must offer a 650 hour program that is registered with the New Mexico Massage Therapy Board.

Your application fee will be $450.

You will have up to one year to complete your application.

You can get a provisional registration until the school is up and running.

School registrations must be renewed annually on October 31.


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New Mexico Massage School Start Up Requirements

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