How to Begin a Massage School in New York

How to Begin a Massage School In New York, the requirements for massage therapy practice and education are overseen by the State Board for Massage Therapy, which is under the New York State Office of Professions.

So if you want to start a private massage school in New York, you must have a minimum of a 1,000-hour program.

And also, you must register your program with the  New York State Education Department.

The curriculum for your school must meet the requirements for licensing of massage therapists in New York.

Registering with the New York State Education Department

The state of New York requires you to submit a proposal for each program of study you are planning to offer.

So their submission process is done electronically.

Each proposal application is done through a series of individual “tasks.”

So  You cannot submit your proposal until all the tasks have been completed.

After a preliminary review of your submitted proposal.

Because it will assign to a reviewer in the Office of College and University Evaluation (OCUE).

Generally, your proposal will review within 30 days.

If there are any questions you need to answer or clarifications that you need to make, you will have 30 days to respond.

And also, if you don’t respond in 30 days, your proposal will be considered cancelled, and also, you will have to start over from the beginning.

Requirements – How to Begin a Massage School in New York

The types of information you will be required to provide includes:

  • Admissions requirements and procedures;
  • Academic support systems;
  • Any credits you might offer for prior experience or education;
  • Your plan for continued review and improvement of your program;
  • Curriculum and syllabus for your program;
  • Information on internships, if your program includes them;
  • The background and experience of faculty and/or your requirements for hiring;
  • The number and type of faculty compared to your expected enrollment;
  • Resources and equipment available for your program;
  • Budget for your program and financial resources to support it;
  • Library resources;

The OCUE may, at its discretion, perform a site visit.

New York does not appear to require fee payment for registration of your program, nor does it require renewal of programs.

You will, however, need to submit any major changes in your program for review.

New York Massage Therapy Curriculum Requirements

New York requires a minimum of 1,000 hours of instruction for a massage therapy license.

The hours must apportion as follows:

  • 200 hours in Anatomy, Physiology and Neurology – 50 of those must be in Neurology;
  • 150 hours in Myology or Kinesiology;
  • 100 hours in Pathology;
  • 75 hours in Hygiene, First Aid, CPR, and other topics related to massage therapy;
  • 150 hours in theory of Western and Oriental massage therapy, with at least 50 hours for each;
  • 325 hours in massage therapy techniques, with at least 150 hours of hands-on practice.


If you want to open a massage therapy school in New York.

So you must register it with the New York State Education Department.

In addition, your curriculum must meet the requirements of the Board for Massage Therapy.

The initial review will take approximately 30 days, and also, you will have 30 days after the review to make corrections or responses to their questions.

There do not appear to be any fees required, nor does there seem to be any renewal requirements.


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