Massage Therapy Schools in Georgia

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In the state of Georgia, the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy is mandated under state law to license all individuals who choose to practice massage therapy in the state.

Additionally, the board strives to promote high standards in the professional performance of each person in this industry.

And also, if you are seeking to practice massage therapy in the state of Georgia.

So then you will be required to undergo certain requirements, education and licensing procedures to obtain a valid license.

Scroll straight to the bottom to see a list of the top massage therapy schools in Georgia.

Brief Summary of the Main Highlights

Attending one of the 27 massage schools in Georgia is advisable by the state.

Because if you would like to consider pursuing your education, please take the time to review the approved schools by clicking here.

After you have completed your education, you will be required to pass the NCETMB/NCETM or MBLEx exams to further pursue your massage therapy license.

So please also be advised that several rules and regulations have been changed for the state of Georgia.

which you should consider reviewing prior to pursuing your license.

Once you have obtained your massage therapy license, please be aware that the renewal period is for every 2 years, and the fee that is charged in this regard is $85.

To register your license in the state of Georgia, the fee is $125.

Schooling Details and Requirements (Credit Hours)

And also, you will be required to obtain 500 hours of clinical massage training in order to complete your education as an aspiring massage therapist.

Also, the completion with a passing grade for the NCETMB/NCETM or MBLEx exams is a must to pass out of the school you are attending.

Also be aware that the laws of the state maintain that the presentation of the original academic record is mandatory if an application has been submitted for a massage business.

The fee that registers you for the NCETMB/NCETM is $185.  If you happen to fail the exam.

However, this particular fee is non-refundable;

however, if you choose to retake the exam, then you must pay the $185 again.

For more information regarding schools in the state of Georgia, as well as the NCETMB/NCETM exam,

please take the time to click here.

Licensure Qualifying Programs

The following are some highly accredited institutions in the state of Georgia approved for massage therapy education:

  • Miller-Motte Technical College 621 NW Frontage Road Augusta, GA 30907 (706)562.5825
  • Albany Therapeutic Massage Program 1534 Dawson Rd. Albany, GA 31707 (229)435.9008
  • Athens Institute For Massage 485 Huntington Road #205 Athens, GA 30606 (706)353.1819
  • Atlanta School of Massage 2 Dunwoody Park Atlanta, GA 30338 (877)291.4485

For more information related to Georgia massage therapy schools, you can follow the link here.

Licensing/Certification Requirements

In order to become a massage therapist in the state of Georgia,

you will be required to complete the state approved massage course, or you must hold equivalent qualifications.

It is also mandatory to have 500 hours of hands-on massage therapy experience.

In addition to this, the practitioner is also required to pass the NCETMB/NCETM or MBLEx exams that are recognized at the national level.

The massage license fee is a one-time fee of $125.

Key Agencies / Boards involved and their contact information

The organization that is responsible for making rules and passing laws for massage practitioners is the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy.

You can reach the board at:

237 Coliseum Drive Macon, GA 31217-3858 (478) 207-2440.

You can also check online for any additional information you may be seeking.

Requirements to Start a Massage Business in Georgia (Massage Establishment License)

It is clearly stated on the official website of the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy that it is mandatory to obtain a license if an individual wants to run a business in the state.

And also, you must submit original academic documents, as well as your scores related to taking the NCETMB/NCETM.

Additionally, you must complete 500 hours of training in order to officially obtain a massage therapy license to operate as a business in the state of Georgia.

Aside from the in-state license, the state also allows for a provisional permit for those applicants who do not reside in the state of Georgia.

However, to obtain a provisional permit you must present an approved document proving your residency in a differing state; this might include a valid driver’s license.

The fee for a provisional permit is $125.

Massage License Renewal Process

The Georgia Board of Massage Therapy has made it very easy for you as a massage therapist to renew your license.

To avoid any hassles, the board requires that every massage therapy license renewal is completed by the 31st of October every even year (i.e. if you obtained your massage therapy license in the year of 2014,

And also, you will be required to renew that license on October 31st, 2016).

The renewal fee for your license is of $75.  Also be aware that even if your massage therapy license has expired (less than 5 years total),

then the renewal fee remains the same.

However, if your license has expired and it has been over the 5-year mark, then you must reinstate and pay a $200 fee.

Massage License Reciprocity

In order to receive a licensure by endorsement, the following are the conditions and requirements that you will have to meet:

  • Provide all supporting documents to the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy in the English language.
  • Provide a high school or graduation equivalent diploma.
  • Must not have any criminal record.
  • Any additional requirements as the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy deem fit.

The endorsement or reciprocity license will cost you a fee of $125.

Note: Specific personal information, office addresses, fees, payments etc.

may change over time. Although we do our best to keep this site up to date.

So please ensure you contact the state board to obtain the most recent information at the time of your application.

Here is a list of the top massage therapy schools near you.

We have an arrangement with all of them that allow you to request information for FREE.

Please do so and take that first step toward a better future.

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Video lesson

Read how to become a massage school teacher in Georgia here.

Neal Lyons is a founding member and volunteer contributor at the MTSI Institute, an information based portal dedicated to guiding and assisting aspiring massage therapists establish a successful career in massage. Neal is a published author and has collaborated on several mobile applications that serve the massage profession. You can view his published work on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Kobo. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and on Google+

61 comments on “Massage Therapy Schools in Georgia
  1. Kayla says:

    My question is Do you have to have a massage license in order to run the business even if I am not doing the massages myself. I just want to open my own practice with other license professionals doing the massaging.

    • Neal Lyons says:

      Kayla, the practitioners need to be licensed. Although in some States you may need one as the registered owner. There is a different set of compliance requirements for business owners as well. Best to do your due diligence. Visit our State by State summary page and learn about the State that you are in

    • Beth says:

      My Question? Please… My massage licensed has lapsed. ((MORE THAN 5 YEARS)).. I had broke my collar bone and after time and therapy I am healed and now want to practice again in Georgia. What steps are required to get reinstated please!


      • Neal Lyons says:

        Beth, please read our article on how to reinstate an expired license. The process is simpler than having to obtain one from scratch.

        • Neal I have a massage school the state said I could do online A/P and B/E if I come up with a program they agreed with.. do you know anyone that make online classes.. for schools.. that I would own.
          thanks in advance. Yours Barbara Moore

    • Giau says:

      If I have a license in California so can I change my license to GA license

  2. Monique Wallace says:

    I received my Massage Therapy certificate in 2005 and didn’t take the national exam due to financial hardships. It is now 2014 and I want and need to still take the exam become licensed. What and how should I go about this after so long?

    • Neal Lyons says:

      Monique, this will depend on the State you are in. If you mean you finished school in 2005 and didn’t take the exam then, you should be able to take the exam now and progress in your career. Please let us know what your State indicates.

  3. Dawn says:

    for Georgia licenses renewals, does a MT who is already state licensed have to keep renewing the national or just when obtaining the initial license?

  4. elizabeth says:

    I live in Georgia and currently hold a massage therapy license. Do I need a separate license to preform massage therapy if I am hired as an independent contractor with a company?

    • Neal Lyons says:

      No. As an LMT you can practice. However check with the company if there are specific company related requirements they need you to fulfill. If you are going to incorporate as a business and provide services (many do this), then you need to apply for the business related licenses/certificates.

  5. Greta says:

    Hi, I am a professional massage therapist qualified in England with 6 years’ experience. I would like to be able to work here in Georgia as massage therapist but I already have my certificates and experience. What do I need to do to get a license and that my certificates can be recognized or validated?
    I appreciate any suggestion.

    • Neal Lyons says:

      Greta – normally a state board will assess your current credentials and determine whether they suffice. Many times they bring in an independent, third party evaluation service. Your best course of action is to start this process by contacting the State board.

  6. Shelia says:

    Can I work as a massage therapist as a volunteer under a esthetics license in GA? Or can I do a apprenticeship to become a licensed massage therapist in GA?

    • Neal Lyons says:

      Shelia – the answer to your first question depends on the organization that you are volunteering on behalf of. For the second question, you need to complete the full requirements in GA to become licensed. What’s your background and what makes you feel that an apprenticeship will get you a license? Do you have previous education and practical experience in massage? Please elaborate in detail.

      • Shelia says:

        Well I’m working at a massage and wellness spa as an Esthetician which there are very few clients that come in for esthetic services so the owner said I should “volunteer” as a MT for one to “make more money” and also because I’m not a licensed MT, so there are no consequences behind me doing massage and I’m not licensed. And something else that’s extremely weird is that I was told I would be paid 12$ hourly but turns out I’m being paid 12$ a massage and the owner later tells me that they are paying me with my tips from each client again since I’m not a licensed MT, which is so odd because I’m wondering what happens to the rest of the tip money if the client tips me more then 12$… I feel it’s a complete scam but I’m need money until I start working full time at another spa I work for… Please help what should I do?

        • Neal Lyons says:

          All tips paid to you for your service are yours. $12 per massage is on the very low end based on our experience. Suggest you seek other opportunities, or pursue your license so you can command a higher salary. Technically, you cannot charge for professional massage services if you are not licensed.

  7. Destiny Mitchum says:

    If I take 4 months of massage therapy classes online could I transfer those credits to another college to do the hands on part of the training? I live in Aiken, SC but there are no massage therapy classes here unless I travel to Augusta, GA since it is closer… I do not have transportation at the moment.

    • Neal Lyons says:

      In many cases credits are transferable, but especially if you are talking interstate transfers, we highly recommend checking with the school you want to eventually transfer to first whether or not they will accept the online credits you plan on accumulating. This is a better approach than being surprised after having invested the time and resources.

  8. Neal I own a massage school in GA.. while doing my application one of the laws was that a student could not make tips or work for money while in school. now I can not find it.. I follow that rule, and will even if wrong; as the students would not want to do massage on people that did not tip.. but do you know how this works; also , how would it work , if i accept online classes / and just did the hands on. is there a law govern that.. My application said classes had to be done in class. with a teacher. we do take transcript as i have nurse students ; that decided not to be a nurse and instead go into massage therapy. thanks for all the info you have.

    • Neal Lyons says:

      This is an interesting query Barbara. Many massage schools allow therapists to perform massages on clientele that walk in (at discounted rates). Many times those clients tip the therapists. I am not aware of laws around this – but I suspect whether students can/cannot accept tips may depend on the school’s own policy/code of operation. What are you realizing as you look at other institutions around you and the country??

      • HI Neal
        well you sure help clear up that for me.. as I looked back at the policy of my handbook I saw where we had change the tip policy or receiving monies for massage.
        when I did allow it.. the students would not want to do people that did not tip. or did a bad job on them , also put on Facebook , about the client being fat or other bad remarks.. about the client. So it became oblivious to me that allowing tips was not the way to go.. and so now I have no problems with the students, on not wanting to do someone that did not tip.. thanks for having this blog.. it is a really big help to me to hear the voices from others and their problems , and the rules for MT have a nice day

  9. Debbie says:

    I have been a LMT in Florida for 14 years and am looking to move to Georgia. What will I need to do to be licensed in Georgia?

    • Neal Lyons says:

      Debbie, in simplistic terms you will have to meet the GA requirements to practice massage. You will have to show how your FL credentials map to the GA requirements. States that have similar/close requirements usually grant reciprocity relatively easier than states that have completely different set of requirements. Please come back and let us know what you did and how it went for you.

  10. Kimberly D says:

    I am a practicing LMT in the state of New York. I attended the Swedish Institute in Manhattan where I received an associates degree and have over 1200 credit hrs of training. I am looking to move back to my home in Atlanta GA. My problem is that New York does not recognize any of the national exams, only their own exam, so unfortunately I never took the national exam. Is there a way to transfer my license since I’m a practicing LMT who has passed the New York State licensing exam and has more training hours than the state of GA requires without having to take the national exam at this point?
    Thanks, any suggestions would be appreciated,

    • Neal Lyons says:


      Yes. We know people who have been successful in pleading their case. You will need to contact the board in GA and plead your case (write a summary and then support it with evidence). There is a good chance you will be granted reciprocity without much further hassle. Keep us posted and let us know how it all goes for you.

  11. Kelly says:

    Hi Neal,

    I took an online course out of Colorado consisting of 400 academic hours and 200 hands on hours which I traveled to Colorado and did in person. Am I eligible to take the MBLEX in the state of Georgia?

    • Neal Lyons says:

      Kelly, States look for a 1:1 – apples to apples comparison to ensure what you have done meets their requirements. GA has different reqs than CO, but that said the state agency does an evaluation of the work you have done. The only way to definitively find out is have someone from the licensing board respond to you directly.

  12. LaKia says:

    I am a practicing therapist in Maryland. I took the national exam and state exam of course, but did not renew my national license, as it’s not required for us to obtain employment. Will this prohibit me from obtaining reciprocity in GA? Will I need to re-certify nationally?

    • Neal Lyons says:

      LaKia, good question. The response is based on the State wherein you want to reciprocate. That said, State rules change from time to time and it is best to ask right before you plan on applying. Most States look for “equivalency”

  13. Michael Stevens says:

    I am a licensed Cosmetologist in the Georgia. Can I do legal massage therapy with my license?

  14. Michelle Chambers says:

    I went to a massage school in NC finished with degree in 2007. I took the Nationals and failed and soon after lost my husband. I here in GA now and what do I need to do. Take a refresher? I really want to practice Massage.

    • Neal Lyons says:


      The GA state board can map your credits to their requirements and tell you what is left that needs to be done for you to become certified. Have you contacted them?

  15. Tera Parsons says:

    I have a TN license and I retired it last year. What do I need to get licensed in GA?

  16. A. George says:

    I am a former graduate from a Massage Therapy institute in GA,after graduating I took the MBLEX and passed for certification but never paid for my license afterwards. I graduated in 2012, will I still be able to obtain my license after paying the fee, or will the state make me retake the exam or just complete my CE hours?

  17. Mailyn Montes says:

    Hi. I graduated for massage therapy in 2006. I was not able to take my exam to obtain my license due to my health and financial hardship. But I’m ready now and really need to know if i can go ahead and take it now??
    And how do i go about it to obtain it?? I am from the state of Florida. Please let me know. Thank You so much

    • Neal Lyons says:

      it will depend on what the rule is today. contact the FL state board of massage and ask how long of a period your education is valid until before you can take the licensing exam. in most cases, you should be able to.

  18. C. Myers says:

    I have 2 questions: In the state of Georgia, is it a requirement to have additional certification to perform prenatal massage? I’m currently working as an independent contractor at a spa, so liability is my biggest concern. Also, I received my license in the summer of 2015. Am I required to have all 24 ceu’s to renew my license in October 2016?

    • Neal Lyons says:

      Most renewal requirements are annual. However please check the latest with the GA State board. As for the additional cert, in most States you are required to have one. We also suggest additional insurance just because your liability is higher.

  19. Leah says:

    I am looking for a certified Massage Therapy school near Macon, GA and I’m having a hard time locating one. So you know of any or have any suggestions?

    • Neal Lyons says:

      Leah, have you searched using our search box to the right side? If so, please let us know what you are not seeing so we can further help you.


      • Leah says:


        I’m trying to locate a school within 40 minutes drive time from Macon, GA, zip code 31216. I did use the search box and it returned zero relevant responses. I have a hard time believing that there aren’t any programs located near me, but unfortunately that seems to be the case. I was hoping that you or any of your colleagues may know of a reputable school near me that was for whatever reason, not listed. Thanks for your reply!

  20. Barbara Jenkins says:

    I would like to know if a Nurse Practitioner can do massages and be compensated, or do I still have to go to massage school?

    • Neal Lyons says:

      Barbara – within a hospital and medical facility setting you may be. But if you want to practice as a stand alone LMT, you will need to go to massage school. what is your end goal and ideal setting to be working in?

      • Barbara Jenkins says:

        Hi Neal,
        Thanks for responding. I own a Family Practice and a Medi Spa that are next door to each other. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner, and I also have a Master Cosmetology license. My end goal is to be able to provide therapeutic massages for my medical spa clients. I do have licensed therapist, but sometimes they are either booked up or not available. My goal is to be able to step in and provide the service if I need to.

  21. Kenton Gresham says:

    I am looking become a massage therapist. I live in Athens,Ga. It seems like the closest school is in Conyers,GA.
    I was wondering if there were any closer schools or if it would be possible take some my classes online and the rest onsite.

    • Neal Lyons says:

      yes Kenton, you can take some online classes and complete the hands on part at a school nearby. use our search box to the top right of the website (right hand column) to look for schools near you and request information to be sent to you at home for free from all the schools you are interested in.

  22. Lira Falcon says:

    I got my certification of massage therapist in Kyrgyzstan in 2006. Right after i finished i work in Afghanistan on US military base 10hours a day 6days a week untill february 2008. I have certification translated in english. Now i live in SC but want to work in GA (we live on border SC/GA) what do i need to do and will my license and hours that i did be valid or make any difference?

  23. Dara S says:

    So my question is this I live in southeastern Ga and there are no schools near me most are 2 to 4 hours drive. Could I attend school in Florida and then apply to change my license over later?

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