Everything You Need to Know About Chiropractic Massage Therapy

Everything You Need to Know About Chiropractic Massage Therapy “Are chiropractors real doctors?” is one of the most commonly asked questions these days.

There is a common misconception regarding chiropractors that they practice alternative medicine and shouldn’t categorize as traditional medical services.

That being said, the perception is changing as people realize the benefits of utilizing chiropractic medicine for improving their overall health and well-being, not only postural but several other areas that are caused by postural misalignments.

Chiropractors make adjustments to the body to ensure that their patients are able to improve their health and to prevent future illness and/or discomfort.

Moreover, the adjustments aren’t just limited to physical discomfort.

Your overall health and well-being get a boost when you receive chiropractic care because the benefits reach areas of the body far beyond the one being treated.

That being said, the medical community as a whole is yet to accept chiropractic care as a mainstream form of treatment.

You will only find doctors recommending chiropractic care when no other treatment is delivering the results sought after.

This is one reason why chiropractic care is considered a part of alternative medicine just like massage therapy.

Over the years, the two have gotten lumped together as well.

The general idea is that chiropractic practices aren’t that different from massage therapy.

Unless one of the two is widely accepted by the medical community.

The other wouldn’t be either – at least that is what we think.

That said, we are seeing strong momentum in terms of acceptance in the last few years.

Both massage therapy and chiropractic care often “lie on the sidelines” and doctors only turn to them.

When there is no other effective treatment for a particular health issue they are treating.

This is surprising, given that it has been scientifically proven that both massage therapy.

And chiropractic care is effective when it comes to treating a wide variety of health problems.

MIST – Chiropractic Massage Therapy

There are exceptions out there, but for the most part.

We still see the same attitude. We suspect a lot of that has to do with one’s own motivation for the insurance billing dollars.

There is definitely an increasing general perception that both chiropractic care.

And massage should consider part of mainstream healthcare.

So that more people get access to these services through insurance coverage and/or reimbursements.

Unless there is complete acceptance, it would take some time before people begin to accept these services as genuine medical treatment.

Right now we see this haphazardly across the USA.

So what has all this got to do with massage therapy?

If you are considering becoming a massage therapist.

You should know how you can combine the principles and practices of chiropractic medicine with your knowledge of massage therapy.

Not only could this allow you to treat your clients in a better way.

It might also give you an edge over your competitors.

There aren’t many massage therapists out there who practice chiropractic massage therapy.

It could prove to be a great way to increase the number of customers you attract to your business.

The Relationship and Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care & Massage Therapy

A survey showed that chiropractic care is at the top of all alternative care treatments.

In fact, it is widely considered to be the best treatment for backaches, outranking many treatments prescribed in traditional medicine.

Moreover, deep tissue massage is also considered to be an effective treatment for different medical issues, such as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.

It allows patients suffering from these conditions to get rid of the pain and discomfort they face on a daily basis.

This goes to show how effective both chiropractic care and massage therapy are.

And why people shouldn’t worry about opting for either of these treatments.

Moreover, both chiropractic care and massage therapy place moderate pressure on the bodies of the patients & clients opting for these treatments and as a result, the body is stimulated.

Once the balance of the body restored, the pain and discomfort the person is suffering from reduce and the body operate in a better way.

Not only can this treat the ailments the person is suffering at the time but also prevent future health problems.

This way, patients suffering from painful conditions can live a more comfortable life.

The Relationship Between Patient & Provider –  Chiropractic Massage Therapy 

Another interesting thing you need to know is that the relationship between a client/patient.

And the therapist providing the necessary services is more intimate than in any other conventional treatment.

This means that massage therapists have to interact closely with the people they serve.

The same cannot say of chiropractic care, and except physical therapy.

There are no treatments which bring the care provider in close contact with the clients they serve (relative to massage therapy that is).

Given the fact that both chiropractic and massage therapies are effective and widely considered to be one and the same, it can be a good idea to combine the two.

There is no doubt that if you manage to merge these two alternative care treatments.

You can step on the road to a long and successful career in massage therapy.

Providing chiropractic massage therapy will ensure that you stand out in the crowd and with the number of qualified massage therapists increasing by the year.

It is important to set yourself apart in a way that clients notice the difference.

In fact, don’t surprise if the number of customers you have to serve increases exponentially once you start practising chiropractic massage therapy.

Once it becomes known that you have combined the two treatments, not only could you get more regular clients.

But there is also a good chance that doctors will refer their patients to you.

Since you will be in a unique position where you can provide the services of both a massage therapist and a chiropractor.

People will come to you when they require either of these treatments because they only have to work with one person.

How Can You Become a Master of Both?

The fact of the matter is that chiropractic message isn’t a recognized type of massages and you may not teach about this type of massage when you are in a massage school.

In fact, it is a lot more than just a massage.

It involves adjusting a person’s body which goes way beyond simply applying pressure to certain trigger points.

It’s a good idea to get in touch with a chiropractor to help you understand the different ways in which you can merge chiropractic care with massage therapy.

Especially one that is already doing it. It is common for massage therapists who provide chiropractic massage to work closely with chiropractors.

The chiropractors will refer their patients to the in-house massage therapist.

Often times right before the adjustments so that the body can warm up.

Many massage therapists later graduate and get their chiropractor license.

Many chiropractors, in spite of holding massage therapy licenses, end up hiring massage therapists to complement them in their work.

In either case, since you are combining two alternative care treatments.

It is important that you have the required credentials and qualifications in both fields.

Else, the people who need either form of treatment won’t consider you an expert.

Becoming a massage therapist requires a separate license, and becoming a chiropractor requires a separate one, each with its own schooling requirements.

You can choose to be either one, or you can choose to be both. It’s all up to you.

Contact the top schools near you and learn about their curriculum and how much they focus on chiropractic massage techniques.

Requesting information is 100% free when you use our database below.

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  1. Thanks for your comment about how you should hire a chiropractor when you need to be relieved of some physical pain. I like how you said that they can help you in an effective manner that doesn’t involve the taking of medicine. My husband and I are considering hiring a chiropractor for his father since he has been experiencing a lot of neck pain recently.

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