Soccer Nanny Carol Brown Pursues Massage School in Colorado

Carol BrownMerriam Webster’s definition of success is stated as “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame.”

Some say living the American Dream is success. Booker T Washington says” success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life but by the obstacles which he or she has overcome.

Basically everyone has their own opinion on this subject . To me success means more than just money, material possessions and fame. I have been successful if I accomplish the goals I have set for my life.
I will not be wealthy, famous or have many material items but, I will have family and many friends with which I have dear relationships and many amazing memories.

In 2000 I started coaching two young boys in soccer who I nannied for and thus I became known as “Soccer Nanny.”  I in turn called the boys and their teammates “nut buckets,”for the crazy and unique things they would do both on and off the field.  I worked with these players coaching them for 10 years.
I had a core group of six players who stayed with me and I became a second mother, mentor and friend to these guys.

The nut buckets and I set a goal as a group, I would walk each one of these players to college. I became involved in their lives off the field more and more. Each of these six players and I set mini goals to assist them and achieve the larger overall one, college.

All of these boys had challenges come their way. The common thread that encouraged each player to keep working was “Attitude!” My challenge was how do carry out the task of guiding each guy to develop their own unique character?

To have an attitude, character and grit to achieve your goals is a very important step to accomplishing success! One of the best medicines for achievement is failure. We all had failures on our journey. Some of the defeats included One player who sat on field so frustrated, another ran away from home, some tried drugs and alcohol, while others were abused.

These failings to me were not an option. To all the nut buckets “how can I help you today,” was a common phrase they would often hear from me. I set the standards high for all these players and am proud to report that 5 out of the six young men are going to college. It took lots of soul searching and many tissues to develop the state of mind that I am fine with one of the nut buckets not moving forward and accomplishing the goal.

This was difficult but made me willing to fight and give more of myself to support the rest of these young gentlemen in overcoming their hurdles and developing grit along with a character and work ethic that would support them in going to college.

So what happens now that they have reached our long term goal? Am I happy? How long do I have this feeling of happiness and joy?

The field of Positive Psychology contains many rich examples and studies on how happiness impacts success as cited in the business section of Huff Post April 12,2015 edition. It states that the truth is success does not create happiness but happiness can create success.

What leads to a path of happiness? I am very happy and content helping others achieve milestones and goals in their lives. It is my attitude that creates my happiness.

The nut buckets have now achieved their mission and have a solid base for their joy, grit and character. I am making time to fill my glass. Life is full of stress with jobs, relationships, and health issues.

Becoming a massage therapist means that I will have loving hands in which I can give others a mini vacation from life and possibly a smile by creating a positive experience.

Massage therapy actually has the potential to prevent and head off some medical problems unlike Western medicine which has negative side effects for most of it’s solutions.

The science of massage and the analysis of evidence supporting it has been written about many times. The Mayo Clinic Staff and their studies cite the benefits of this alternative medicine saying it helps specific conditions and diseases such as Anxiety, Digestive Disorders, Headaches, Insomnia, Sports Injuries and Joint Pain.

Beyond these benefits people enjoy massages due to the fact that it also involves a caring , relaxed and comfortable environment that provides a pathway for the integration of body and mind. It reduces fatigue and gives you more energy to handle stress which feels good and can often cure what ails you.

By becoming a Massage Therapist you can provide these benefits too and help others manage life.
Filling my glass with these rich experiences in a calm relaxing environment will sustain my attitude and create success in my life.

Carol Brown is a Soccer Nanny who has been in the field of Early Childhood Education as a Preschool Teacher and Nanny since 1983 and involved in the sport of Soccer since 1990. She has coursework in Early Childhood Education and Developmental Sports from Metro State University of Denver.

After 15 years of coaching soccer she became a referee in 2004 and presently is still a referee . When she is not on the soccer field she can be found working with children.

Carol Brown currently resides in Greenwood Village, Colorado

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