Massage School Grants and Loans for Military Veterans

There is no doubt that becoming a massage therapist could pave the way for a long and successful career.

Massage therapy is a lucrative field and, as seen in the past few years, economic downturns usually don’t signal a decline in business.

Therefore, this is one line of work that can consider recession proof.

What’s more, there are no age restrictions when it comes to enrolling in massage school.

Regardless of how young or old you are, you can enrol in a massage school and graduate with a degree after completing your program.

In fact, massage therapy can be a second career for people who have served the country in the armed forces.

Once veterans return from active duty, they seek work elsewhere.

Attending massage school and qualifying as a licensed massage therapist could open the doors to a decent livelihood for them after their discharge from the military.

There are quite a few military veterans who are currently studying for their massage therapy degrees in various institutions around the country.

The only potential issue could be regarding the fee that you have to pay for your course.

Massage therapy programs can cost anywhere from a few thousand bucks to tens of thousands of dollars.

In that case, it could be difficult for some people to afford it.

If you have been in the military for your entire adult life.

There is a chance that you might not be qualified enough for any other profession.

Therefore, it is imperative that get the necessary training and education for any vocation you want to take up.

If you feel that you cannot pay for massage school on your own.

There are some financial aid options you can explore.

The government appreciates the contribution made by people who join the military and have some initiatives in place.

Which could allow you to get the money you need to enrol in massage school.

There are several massage schools across the US that are part of this initiative and will provide you with the financial aid you require.

If you need financial assistance for attending massage school.

You should search for schools that offer massage school loans and grants for military veterans.

It may take you a little time and effort to find such massage schools.

Therefore, it is necessary that you talk to each massage school you come across and enquire about the financial aid programs they offer.

Moreover, you also need to confirm if your Veteran’s benefits can be used to cover the cost of massage school completely.

You have to do this to ensure that you don’t have to pay any money out of pocket.

In the case of grants, you aren’t required to pay back the money you receive as financial aid from the government.

However, if you obtain a massage school loan.

You will have to repay the amount given to you.

As mentioned above, there are several initiatives from the government that aid military veterans in going back to school.

Let’s look at a few of the bills under which you qualify for financial assistance for attending massage school:

The GI Bill (Amended After 9/11)

This bill was introduced in the aftermath of 9/11.

It is intended to help veterans who have served in the armed forces after 9/11.

To qualify for financial aid under this bill, you need to have served for at least 90 days after 9/11.

The service may spread over different periods.

The aggregate for the days should total at least 90.

Military veterans are eligible for educational assistance as well as housing assistance under this bill.

Since the bill covers education, including vocational training, a number of massage schools in the US come under it.

In fact, veterans can get into some of the most expensive massage school with the money they receive through this bill.

The total coverage provided per year goes up to $17,500.

This includes the cost of tuition and other associated costs.

The Yellow Ribbon Program also gives you the chance to secure financial aid.

In that case, the coverage provided is more than $17,500.

You can also get a stipend to cover housing costs.

As well as any money you require to buy supplies and course materials.

The Traditional Montgomery GI Bill

Any individual currently enlisted in the US armed forces is eligible for financial assistance under the Montgomery GI Bill.

If you are on active duty at present, you will receive $100 a month for a year.

Once you are discharged from active service, you can receive a monthly benefit to cover the cost of education.

You will have to meet various obligations set forth in the bill to be eligible for the educational aid.

Moreover, people serving in the reserves can also qualify for financial aid under this bill if they make a six-year commitment.

There are some other criteria that you will have to meet if you are in the reserves.

The Yellow Ribbon Program

As mentioned above, students who want to attend the some of the most expensive educational institutions in the US can qualify for financial aid under the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Usually, this Program covers the costs of educations military veterans have to bear over the aid provided under the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

The massage schools waive the fee to a certain extent for military veterans.

The US government then pays the amount being waived off by the massage school.

That being said, only a limited number of massage schools fall under this program.

Therefore, you might not find many options when it comes to the Yellow Ribbon Program.

You can contact the Department of Veterans Affairs to get help regarding finding a massage school that qualifies for the Yellow Ribbon Program.

There are some other programs as well where you can seek massage schools loans and grants for military veterans from, including the Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP).

The Reserve Educational Assistance (REAP) and the National Call to Service Program.

It is best to seek help from the Department of Veterans Affairs to find a massage school in which you can get military based financial aid.

This information is a brief introduction to this broad subject matter.

You can read about this in a lot more depth in our comprehensive financial aid article.

Which discusses private, public, military and other types of aid as well.

You can access this article here.

In addition, you can utilize our database of massage schools near you to request information from the 100% free of charge.

By going through this information, you can determine whether the school has programs that help veterans obtain a massage education through their program.

Use our database below (simply enter your zip code) and request information now for free.

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