Massage Therapy: A Green, Environmentally Friendly Career

A Green, Environmentally Friendly Career, numerous studies have been conducted on the magic annual income from employment number (or yearly salary) that delivers the ideal happiness.

After which an incremental dollar does not deliver as much happiness as other non-work related factors such as freedom, flexibility and fulfilment.

In the United States, this number is $75,000, which is actually significantly lower than some of the countries in the top 10 list.

According to similar studies, the United States also has the largest workforce population that is passionate about aligning its personal goals with its professional goals.

What does this mean? This means that when people choose their careers.

They consciously choose to join organizations that advocate/support the same causes, philosophies, ideals, morals and values as the individual does.

One of the biggest of these is Environmental Safety and Protection, hence the Green Movement.

Massage therapy is one of the top educational fields and careers that definitely promote an environmentally friendly profession and workplace.

This is a big reason why massage schools are popular and cropping up everywhere.

Massage programs not only focus on the health and well being of the human body.

But it also advocates a clean, healthy and environmentally friendly professional practice.

The Scientific Rationale Supporting Massage Therapy – A Green, Environmentally Friendly Career

When you think about it, massage therapy at its most fundamental level is a practice that places an emphasis on everything natural and holistic.

From a medical perspective, instead of opting for costly procedures like surgeries.

It focuses on natural healing through touch therapy.

Massage therapy does not involve chemically composed medication either.

Rather it leverages the energy of the body to elevate its status and promote overall health and well being.

The Industrial Rational Supporting Massage Therapy as an Environmentally Friendly Career

Recognizing what aspiring massage therapists want out of the profession.

More massage schools are becoming ecologically friendly today by introducing greener practices into their massage training programs.

For example, many schools have started to use organic oils and linens as well as non-toxic cleaning supplies.

If environmental care and considerations are important to you.

Look for a massage school that promotes a green approach to education.

Another point worth reiterating here is that the massage profession does not advocate the use of medication (in most cases at least).

Medicine is produced with chemicals and through a mass manufacturing process that creates and introduces waste to our environment.

Generally speaking, the profession advocates the use of natural resources whenever possible.

A Green, Environmentally Friendly Career.

Such as natural oils, flowers, biodegradable and non-toxic material.

It is also a profession that involves one on one interaction with touch therapy.

Therefore there is no need for an assembly line mass production process.

To say that absolutely everything about massage therapy is eco-friendly would be inaccurate.

We find many therapists continue to use mass-produced massage oils, lotions and scents.

Cleaning linens also take up soap and water consumption.

Keeping the lights on and paying the bills is a necessity to running a business.

Many of these business activities cannot be done without.

After all, therapists are in business to support themselves and their families by providing comfort and relief to others.

Relatively speaking, however, the massage profession is one of the most eco-friendly of all professions you will find today.

The Business Perspective of Being Eco-Friendly

We live in times today where more consumers are demanding greener and cleaner products.

More people are jumping on the organic, environmentally conscious bandwagon.

Whether fact or fiction and although the severity of the problem(s) is debatable.

The truth is that many agree that the environment needs our help.

“From greenhouse emissions to holes in the ozone to melting polar ice caps.

We’re learning more and more about the consequences of not being good environmental stewards.

As well as what it’ll cost us, both today and for generations to come.”

When you walk into a department or grocery store today.

You see all sorts of products, from organic food to cleaning products, towels, linens and sheets that emphasize “green”, “eco-friendly”, “organic”, “environmentally safe” and all sorts of similar phrases that refer to the broader environment.

This is representative of the consumer’s demand today and the emphasis on putting the environment first.

As consumer demand continues to dictate what types of products are made and sold at retailers around us, it will also start impacting (it already has) more how consumers do business with companies of sorts.

MIST – A Green, Environmentally Friendly Career

As a business, the use of eco-friendly high-quality material may not appear economical at first.

But those who we have spoken to say otherwise.

Many business owners who have shifted focus to more environmentally friendly practices indicate that so many things “take care of themselves when you are doing the right thing”.

For example, a business that uses only eco-friendly materials is suddenly known for it.

The word spreads and people find out. This is valuable marketing that is not deliberate and absolutely free.

Specifically, as it applies to massage therapy, a client/patient may love how the linens and/or the bamboo towels feel to them.

There are many other similar examples that objectively demonstrate the quantifiable benefits of going green.

While organic materials are more costly, and while the perception is that running a business in a green manner is more expensive, it is actually not.

Yes, the eco-friendly option is high-quality, luxurious and expensive.

But it works amazingly well and produces more profit for many businesses at the end of the day.

Developing an Environmentally Conscious Frame of Mind through a Massage Career

The massage profession grooms therapists to become more environmentally conscious not just in the practice of massage, but in all facets of their lives.

It is really all about the mental frame of mind you develop which will then impact your actions and in-turn the environment.

A career in massage helps you do just that.

A massage career emphasizes the importance of clean, active and healthy living.

Which not only will help you become a better massage therapist but also become more conscious of your environment in your day to day life.

For example, instead of driving somewhere, you may think twice and take the bus instead, or bike, or walk if nearby.

You will likely exercise more regularly, eat better/healthier and continue to find ways to reduce waste and the use of chemically induced products and A Green, Environmentally Friendly Career.

Overall, as evident, inherent in the massage profession are qualities that naturally lend themselves to a greener and cleaner outlook and approach to life.

It is truly one of the most environmentally friendly fields and careers you will find.


A Green, Environmentally Friendly Career

Neal Lyons is a founding member and volunteer contributor at the MTSI Institute, an information based portal dedicated to guiding and assisting aspiring massage therapists establish a successful career in massage. Neal is a published author and has collaborated on several mobile applications that serve the massage profession. You can view his published work on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Kobo. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and on Google+

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