The Different Places You Can Work At As a Professional Licensed Massage Therapist

 Professional Licensed Massage Therapist, yet another attractive aspect of a career in massage is the choice of places you can work at after finishing massage school and obtaining your license.

We have written about the different kinds of professions and the subsets of massage on this site.

And in this article, we want to specifically mention the types of establishments where you can practice massage.

While this list is not by any means the most comprehensive list of places where you can practice.

It is a good start and shows the variety of options you have.

As an added benefit, because a massage skill set is generally a transferable skill set.

You may at any point decide to switch from one place of work to another.

Hospitals: Many massage therapists work within the confines of a hospital.

Massage has gained wide medical acceptance in recent years and will likely to be incorporated more so in medical care going forward.

Sports rehab facilities: These are facilities dedicated especially to athletes who are undergoing rehabilitation after suffering from sports injuries, aches and pains.

Spa facilities: This one is the most glamorous and luxurious of them all.

A spa may not pay the best.

But is a good way to build your resume particularly if you were to join a luxury establishment.

Many spa massage facilities are located within hotels. Many are private as well.

There are probably more spa massage facilities than any other.

MIST –  Professional Licensed Massage Therapist

Medical:  These are establishments that are part of the broader medical field but not necessarily confined to hospitals.

A good example is a Chiropractor clinic. Many Chiropractors are now expanding and offering massages in their overall service offering.

Sports teams and clubs: Many sports teams employ in-house massage therapists who get to travel with the team to provide care to the team’s players.

This is a unique profession that comes with a unique lifestyle.

It can be a really fun one for the right person, particularly if you really enjoy sports and are a big fan.

Mobile massage:  This is an emerging and fast-growing niche.

Where you don’t have a permanent place of work that you go to every day.

Mobile massage means offering massage to the patient where the patient needs it.

One common example of this is providing chair massages to professionals working in office settings.

Another example is going to patient’s homes to provide them with massage.

Your own office or clinic: Many practitioners who choose to go on their own and practice massage get their own office where patients can visit them and get massages.

At home: Many practitioners who choose to go on their own choice to practice at home where their patients visit them to get massages.

Our suggestion has always been to select a place of employment that matches not only your career aspirations, goals and objectives.

But one that also matches your personality where you feel you will be most comfortable and excel the most.

At the end of the day, it is not only about job satisfaction, but overall personal satisfaction as well.

The good news is that there is no wrong choice.

Your transferable skill set will allow you to make a switch at any time you desire.


Professional Licensed Massage Therapist

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