Highly Versatile & Accomplished Shyamm Hall Wants a Dual Career in Massage & Cosmetology

Shyann HallFirst, tell us about yourself, for example: your background, what you were doing before you pursued massage, etc. There are countless career options. Why did you choose massage? What were the top three most influential factors in your decision? What were/still are some of your main questions and concerns about the profession? How long do you foresee yourself pursuing massage? What do you foresee yourself doing after you are done with massage as a career?

My name is Shyann Hall and I am currently a senior in the cosmetology program at the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center in Canfield, Ohio.

The reason that I love being in the cosmetology program at Mahoning County Career and Technical Center  is because I get to utilize what will soon be my everyday career, I love being able to practice new techniques and skills that I have learned on my classmates, friends, and family.

Not only am I passionate about the cosmetology program at Mahoning County Career and Technical Center but, I am also passionate about my academic classes and the extracurricular activities that I am actively involved in at the career center.

I have been able to dedicate the time and energy needed during my junior and senior year of high school by becoming an exceptional academic student through achieving honor roll and high honor roll. I have also devoted many hours during and after school for skills USA, OSHA, National Technical Honor Society, Key Club and Prom Committee meetings and events.

Additionally, I have spent much of my free time throughout the years volunteering at alchemy acres and various church functions as well as participating in fine arts and dance competitions where I have won many certificates, ribbons, and trophies. I have also completed a one-hundred and fifty-hour unpaid internship this past summer at Salon Red in Canfield, Ohio where I ran errands, scheduled appointments, answered phone calls, mixed color applications, and styled hair.

After I graduate I plan to continue my education in the beauty industry by going to North Coast Medical Training Academy in Kent, OH for the massage therapy program. I chose to study massage therapy simply because I want to be as successful as I can be in life.

I believe that by going to college to further my education in the beauty industry I can offer something that other beauty professionals may not be able to offer to their clients which will make me unique and I believe that being different than the other people around you is a key factor in being successful.

The first thing that influenced me to pursue a career in the massage therapy field was my cosmetology teacher from MCCTC who said “There are so many people in the beauty industry that your clients can chose to go to so why should they chose you?” After thinking about that question I thought that massage therapy would be a great way to offer something to my clients that other people aren’t able to offer which would make me stand out among others.

The second thing that influenced me in my decision was my friends and family who encouraged me to go to get a higher education so that I could be successful in my future by pursuing my dream to become a great cosmetologist and massage therapist. The last thing that influenced me in my decision was the faculty and staff at North Coast Medical Training Academy who were so friendly in reassuring me that my choice in applying to their school to follow my career path was the right one.

There are not many concerns that I have in becoming a massage therapist but one concern that I do have is having clientele that come to me for massage therapy that have serious medical conditions and could pass away. It will make me emotional to see such great people and clients lose their lives but, I know that I will meet other great people in my profession that will fill their place in my heart.  

If awarded the Annual Massage Therapy School Scholarship Award, I will use the money to continue my education by going North Coast Medical Training Academy in the fall to take a fourteen-month massage therapy course. While attending college, I hope to find a job in a nearby salon that offers flexible hours so that I am able to attend massage college in the mornings and work in the evenings.

I can see myself pursuing a career as both a massage therapist and cosmetologist for the rest of my life and in a few years I hope that I can bring in enough clientele to to open up my own successful salon with affordable prices, exceptional service, a relaxing atmosphere, and a homelike environment that will make my clients feel not only loved and important but also beautiful on the inside and out.


Shyann Hall

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