How Do You Know If There Is An Opportunity In The Field Of Massage Where You Live?

So you have decided to become a massage therapist and it could prove to be one of the best decisions you have made in your life.

The massage profession is booming and there are many jobs on offer.

The average growth rate for the industry is around 20%.

Which means that there are plenty of opportunities you can exploit.

Not only can you find work at a massage facility or a spa, you can even set up your own business be your own boss and have a stake on every dollar you make.

You will receive all the profits which can be substantial.

This is why close to 70% of all massage therapists today have their own business.

Many have a business and work for an employer as well.

That being said, you need to prepare yourself to look for work once you get your license.

You will have to complete the massage school program which usually spans four years.

After that, you can apply for, and receive your license.

With a license in hand, you can become a massage therapist and start working..

Massage Therapy Opportunity

But, the effort and money you spend on becoming a massage therapist are only worth your while if there are plenty of opportunities in the place you live.

Even though massage therapy is a growing industry.

There are some places where the growth is not very substantial.

Chief among these are the states in which massage therapy is not recognized by the state administration.

There are 44 states in the US that have their own regulatory bodies which govern and control all massage therapists living there.

Needless to say, the industry is growing in the states where the government is backing the profession.

If you live in any of the excluded states.

There is a chance you may not find too many opportunities to work there, which could force you to move.

This is why it is important that you do some research before you decide to take up massage therapy as a profession.

The best thing about this is that it is quite easy for you to figure out whether or not there are opportunities where you live, in the field of massage therapy.

Let’s go over some of the best ways you can do so:

Search Online for Opportunities in Massage Therapy

A sign of the growth of the massage industry is that the jobs for massage therapists are now posted online.

A simple Google search is all it takes for you to come across numerous jobs available for massage therapists.

Using the search engine filters, you can select the location where you live so that the search results are narrowed down.

You can go through the results to decide whether or not any of the jobs are worth taking.

Searching online is the most convenient option available to you as you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to do so.

Check Newspapers for Massage Therapy Job Postings

There are many people who believe that the time of print media is gone and that newspapers are obsolete.

Well, someone obviously forgot to tell businesses this, as they still have job listings printed in the newspaper.

The great option is to go through the classifieds in the local newspaper.

You can browse the available jobs and see if there are any that capture your fancy.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to spot jobs in the massage profession.

Even if you don’t find any openings in a particular newspaper, check a different one.

You might come across an employment opportunity there.

Ask Businesses if They are Hiring for Massage Therapy Jobs

This method for looking up opportunities in the field of massage requires more time and effort than the two mentioned above.

Here, you have to make a list of massage businesses in your locality.

Get in touch with each one of them regarding any job openings they might have.

You might be surprised to find that even if a massage business didn’t publish any job openings.

There might be an opportunity when you ask.

It is also a good idea to visit a few of the businesses that are close to your home.

If you are lucky, you might be referred to a massage business that is currently hiring.

When contacting businesses about potential job opportunities, don’t limit your options to standalone massage facilities.

There are many other businesses that hire massage therapists or have them on call.

This includes gyms, spas and health clubs.

If you like the sea, you can look for work on a cruise ship.

They too are looking for massage therapists.

Moreover, if you are into sports, you can seek a position with a local sports team or an athlete.

They need a massage therapist on their support staff to ensure they can recover from the stress and strain of competition.

So, broaden your horizons and contact any business you think would be looking to hire a massage therapist.

These are the three most effective ways in which you can get to know if there is an opportunity in the field of massage where you live.

Massage Profession Opportunity 

There are some other options you can try if these three don’t deliver the results.

For instance,

  • You can contact people you know in the industry and ask if they have heard of any job openings you can try for
  • Ask your mentor (if you have one) to give you a job or at least recommend you to a massage business.
  • Get in touch with the career services department at your massage school.
  • The placement executives there will guide you in finding a job.

Given the growth in the massage profession, there is only a small chance that you won’t be able to find work in the place you live.

To be on the safe side, you can use the tips mentioned above to look for potential job openings you can apply for.

Doing this before you graduate from massage school ensures you don’t get a big shock when you enter the job market just to find that there is no work in the place you live.

That being said, there is an extremely good chance you will get a job which you like.

Of course, you can always start your own small massage business locally.

Search our extensive database of massage jobs in your city.

Simply enter your zip code and start browsing jobs immediately.

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