How to Establish the Perfect Atmosphere for Your Massage Clients

If you have your own massage therapy practice, you have to make sure that your clients enjoy visiting it.

While your massage giving skills matter, the upkeep and appearance of your facility also contributes a great deal towards client satisfaction.

Some facilities provide a spectacular massage, but the lighting may not be proper.

Sometimes, the facility may be located in a noisy location or the music may be too loud.

These are minor aspects that most therapists ignore when starting their own practice.

However, these minor aspects could affect your clients significantly.

Some clients do not like noises, while others do not prefer bright lights.

This is why you should make sure that the ambiance of your facility is welcoming and relaxing.

Here are a few things that you should be considering to ensure your clients have the best experience possible:

Lighting of the Facility

One of the first things that you should concentrate on is the ambient lighting.

Now, bright lights may seem like a great idea, but they are not suitable for a massage therapy facility.

Such facilities have to be relaxing for the clients. Moreover, bright lights do anything but relax clients.

In fact, they may even give your clients headaches and keep them from relaxing.

This is why the lighting at the massage therapy facility should be low.

Make sure that the lights are so dim that it looks dark.

Extremely dim lights can also make clients uncomfortable.

The lights should be soft without being too much so.

A great way to do this would be to use lampshades.

Also, make sure the light fixtures are spaced evenly apart.

This will provide your facility with plenty of lights while keeping the ambience calm.

If you require bright lights occasionally for cleaning purposes or anything else, consider installing dimmers.

A light dimmer is a knob that allows you to adjust the intensity of light according to your requirements.

You can consult a professional electrician for this purpose.

Colours Used In the Facility

Most massage therapists make the mistake of incorporating various colours of their choice into the facility’s décor.

The colours that you like may seem fabulous to you, but certain clients may not like them.

Additionally, if those colours are bright, they could have an effect similar to bright lights on your clients.

This is why you should avoid all bright colours.

One of the best options, in this case, is to hire an interior decorator.

Decorators are well aware of soothing colours and décor. If you cannot afford to hire a decorator, you should research colours with an earth tone.

These neutral colours do not make clients uncomfortable and promote relaxation.

Also, make sure to put up a fair amount of paintings, flowers and other decorations to compliment the colors.

Sounds and Noises in Your Massage Facility

The biggest source of discomfort for clients is a noisy massage therapy facility.

In most cases, the noise within a facility is from the hustle and bustle outside.

This is why you should concentrate on soundproofing your facility.

Soundproofing can easily be done by using a few essentials.

In addition to this, you should instruct your employees not to talk loudly.

Try your best to maintain as much silence as possible.

For a more soothing ambience, you can play music but at a low volume.

Make sure that even though the music can be heard, it is a part of the background.

Also, make sure that the music that you are playing soothes the ambience.

Certain types of music could make a person hyper.

One of the worst things you can do as a massage therapist is inconsiderate of the customer.

You should have the necessary provisions to cut off the music to a particular area if a customer doesn’t like it.

This could keep other customers who enjoy music from suffering as well. You can always have a separate room for such customers

Temperature Control

Always make special provisions to keep your massage therapy facility comfortable. Extreme cold and heat is something clients do not appreciate.

Therefore, you should consider both scenarios.

During cold weather, make sure your facility is warm and cosy inside.

Of course, during the warmer days make sure it is cool.

Be sure to consider the clients’ wishes. Some clients tend to feel extra cold when the air-conditioning is turned up.

This is why you should consider getting centralized air conditioning.

This could help maintain temperature throughout the facility.

This can be a huge expenditure but, these minor aspects really affect the client’s decision to visit your facility again.

The tendency of Overbooking Clients

Another thing that you should avoid at all costs is setting up too many appointments for a day.

You may be able to handle 8 to 9 clients in a day, but you should not.

This is because you might get tired towards the last client of the day and you may only be able to give the best possible massage to the first few clients.

As you get tired, your massage giving abilities will deteriorate as well.

This is why you should consider a fewer number of customers if you feel stretched in your current capacity.

At some point in time, you may feel like you need an assistant for some tasks.

Be sure to cater to that need. It could help you keep the level of your service high.

Tools of the Massage Trade

Make sure that the massage equipment that you purchase for your practice is nothing but the best.

It may not seem like it but the equipment that one uses affects the service significantly.

Moreover, you should ensure that the equipment is well maintained.

Also, you should have a backup for certain equipment that is critical to your operation or that is more prone to breakage/damage.

This will ensure that in the event you have faulty equipment your clients will not have to suffer.

Moreover, you should only purchase the best quality products for massage.

Be vigilant when buying lotions and essential oils for your practice.

Avoid buying from unreliable stores to save a few bucks.

Such stores often sell counterfeit products which can harm your clients’ skin, and yours as well!

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