Jim Peltier Engages in Kofutu and Transformational Healing, a Blend of Channeling, Mediumship, Energy Work and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques

Jim PeltierI work out of my home as a solo healing practitioner and I am with a group of other healers that have a Monthly Community Healing Night & Canned Food Drive. One day each month we share our Healing and Massage Talents to collect food for the Food Bank in Bend Oregon.

I do Transformational Healing along with Kofutu Healing with my clients. Transformational Healing is a blend of Channeling, Mediumship, Energy Work, Other-Than-Conscious Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques used to clear out physical, emotional and mental issues that are causing pain or separation from Spirit. I also do Distant Healing for people around the world.

I live in Bend Oregon and I have a Healing Center/Room in my Home.
I got into Spiritual Healing in around 1980 as I was going through a divorce and searching for my meaning in life. I also was interested in Psychology, Self Help Therapy and Parapsychology which guided me to complete formal education in these fields.

I was working in the field of Large Main Frame Computer Manufacturing so I pursued a college education in Supervision/Management and Business Administration Degree, then I went on to obtain degrees in my other areas of interest. My intentions was to work in the business world and do my Spiritual Healing and Counseling as an avocation in the evenings and weekends. This way I had the best of both worlds.

I loved working in the high tech industries and I love working with people and assisting them, and teaching them how to create Higher Levels of Wellness in their life. I worked in the leading edge of high technology and the leading edge of healing and psychology.

I did not have any concerns about pursuing my goal in business or in healing. I took college classes and participated in college degree programs that allowed me to create my own degree program so I could be learning what I had a passion for. Getting my Ph.D. in Spiritual and Psychic Sciences was to bring credibility to the field of Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Teaching which was my avocation at the time.

My specialty, if there is such a thing, is to empower people that they have the power to heal themselves and create greater Peace and Harmony in their life.

Spiritual Healing is restoring the connection between our physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body with Source/ God whatever a person wants to call it. So healing has nothing to do with creating an outcome such as getting rid of a disease.

What do I like as a career path? It give me great Joy to be of Service to Humanity as I do healing daily for everyone on the Planet that wants to receive Spiritual Healing.

There is nothing that I do not like about doing Spiritual Healing especially since I am doing it 24/7. Spiritual Healing is a State of Consciousness and a person can be in that State of Consciousness all the time.

As an industry I would like to see Healing accepted by the traditional practitioners and professional organizations and the US government much like Spiritual Healing is accepted and embraced professionally and politically in most European Countries.
I will practice Spiritual Healing as long as I am in a physical body.

There was I time when I had a traditional job so I did my healing work during the evening and weekends. Since a Kofutu Distant Healing takes 1-2 minutes to perform I could do many healings during my business day as well as at home. I was guided by the Ascended Masters so I would not make any mistakes. I knew that it was important to stay away from psychic healing where the healer is trying to create an outcome such as getting rid of the cancer.

While I have no direct answer to this question, I do recommend people to learn Kofutu Spiritual Healing because is under the guidance and direction of the Ascended Masters and is karmic free because it has safeguards to make sure the healing is in The Highest and Best Spiritual Interest of the Recipient.

If people can’t afford taking Kofutu I gift them the class and suggest that they Pay IT Forward.  My suggestion to aspiring massage therapist is they should learn the physical aspects of massage and pass the State Testing and then develop their intuitive aspect of doing massage and add the knowledge of energy work, higher levels of consciousness. See number 14 for more detailed information.

My passion is doing Kofutu Healing, Spiritual Coaching, Spiritual Teaching, along with assisting people in awakening their Spiritual Knowingness. My Thoughts about Massage and Healing: It has taken the massage many years to be recognized as a legitimate business rather than a cover for prostitution. A person may take all of the classes and pass all of the tests and not be tuned into the energy body of their client.

I know people that are great massage people who were grandfathered in before the need to take all of the classes and pass the State Certification. These people are great intuitive people who sense the energy bodies of the clients and know what is going on and how to assist their clients.

So I shall share some of my thoughts without writing a whole book on the subject.

My comments on massage is general and I am sure that massage schools all vary on what is taught since these school need to meet state criteria.

We have a physical body and that is accepted, we also have other bodies or energy matrix or energy fields that is not formally accepted in the Western Traditions.

When a person has physical or emotional pain or trauma most of the time that trauma is anchored in the physical body. But it can also be anchored in the Emotional Body, the Mental Body, and/or the Spiritual Body. These physical anchors [a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Term NLP] when touch can trigger a memory of that experience.

So when a person is doing a massage it is very possible to touch a spot on the body that will trigger this stored up emotional experience. This experience could be a painful memory or a joyful memory. In either case the massage therapist will need to know how to deal with such a reaction. So learning how to do Reframing also an NLP technique which is easily learned.

I suspect that most massage practitioners are taught the physical aspect of doing massage without the energetic aspect of doing a massage. What I mean is using the strength of the massage motions to release stress in the physical body.

When the energetic aspect of massage in integrated with the physical aspect of massage the actual energy used in the massage is greatly reduced. For example a person is stressed out and that stress is now in the persons’ muscles and skeleton structure. The stress is in the Mental Body, the Emotional Body and it may or may not be in the Physical Body. Here is a very simplistic way of seeing this:

  • We have a Physical Body and our Emotional Body Interpenetrates our Physical Body.
  • We have an Emotional Body and our Mental Body Interpenetrates our Emotional Body.
  • We have a Mental Body and our Spiritual Body Interpenetrates our Mental Body.

So even though it appears the Stress is in the Physical Body it is present in the Mental Body and it may or may not be present in the Emotional or Physical Body.

If the massage person is Intuitive She/He will know where the actual stress is and even better what is causing the stress. What is the thought process that is creating the stress. Remove the Thought and the Feeling that is creating the Stress and the body will relax without any physical massage. The physical massage is then used for enjoyment and connecting the Spirit/Mind and Body together.

So massage can be with the Spiritual Body, and the Mental Body, and the Emotional Body as well as the Physical Body. The great massage people learn this either outside of massage or intuitively.

A frozen should can be relieved in minutes when all the Bodies are back in Perfect Alignment. Once my lower back went out and I was in severe pain, so much pain that all I wanted to do was lay on the floor on my back and never move again. I did call a friend and she took me to a highly respected chiropractor and those sessions created more pain then what I had on the floor.

The doctor did tell me that my spine and hips were not aligned and my neck was also out of alignment so I was walking crooked. He showed me the X-Rays to prove his point.

Since the Chiropractor was not helping me I decided to lay on my back on the floor and fix it. So I laid down on the floor and visualized my legs, hips and spine in perfect Divine Alignment and all the pain was gone. What I learned from this is how much pain a person can really be in and that many times it can be healed when all of the bodies are in perfect alignment.

My daughter has severe Scoliosis so not only is her spine curved to the right it also is twisted so her rib cage is not properly aligned, this puts many things in her physical body out of alignment. She can heal the pain this causes but probably not change the structural damage that has been caused.

Well this gives a few insights that I have as to where Massage can go in the future if governments and legislation stay out of the way of the new emerging science and healing modalities.

Jim Peltier can be reached on his website here. You can also connect with Jim on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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