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How to Learn the Russian Massage Technique, What It Is & Its History

Massage Therapy, out of the numerous massage therapy techniques in existence. The Russian Massage is probably one of the rarest. This massage originated in the former Soviet Union. And is most commonly used to cure sports injuries. There are multiple

What is a Lymphatic Massage, How it Works and its Benefits

The lymphatic massage is a rather gentle massage technique. The aim of this massage technique is to promote the draining of lymph from various tissues in the body. Even though it is a popular technique, care should take when performing

Learn About Swedish Massage, How It Works and How You Can Benefit from it in Your Massage Therapy Career

When people talk about massage, the first thing that comes to mind is the Swedish massage which one of the best known massage forms offered by massage facilities, fitness centers and spas. It is a full body workout that uses

What is TMJ Dysfunction and How Can You Treat it with Mouth Massage?

Massage therapy helps people to recover from a variety of injuries. Massage therapy often used in the scope of pain management. People from all walks of life and situations can benefit from this type of therapy. Athletes, accident victims, cancer

What is Geriatric Massage and How to Conduct One Successfully

The need for healthcare increases as the average age of the population increases. The natural process of aging brings with it a number of health issues. Because of the huge number of people born during the baby-boomer generation. The US