The Ray of Light, by Bianca Rossi; From Devastation & Displacement to Hope

Bianca RossiMy name is Bianca Rossi, and I am only twenty years of age. My massage therapy interest actually starts in high school. It was where I first acknowledged how important the body really is. After high school, I went to Ocean County College were I received a degree in general science.

Initially, I was going to pursue a career in physical therapy. I love the human body and everything about it. But the requirements to be a physical therapist have recently changed, they now call for a masters or doctoral degree. Life has thrown some major curve balls at me and I just cannot reach the heavy demands of a physical therapists career.

Presently, and for the past 10 years or so my parents have been living in different states, which leaves me here with my older sister. My home was devastated in hurricane Sandy, in which my sister and I are still misplaced to this day. I live off of my own financial support with my boyfriend and his family, and at twenty years old I cannot afford that much tuition or the time.

After long amounts of research I found massage therapy, it was like that ray of beaming light that shines through the dark clouds after a thunderstorm. I am currently enrolled at Body in Mind Massage Institute, which I believe to be one of the best decisions I have made so far, and will ever make. I will graduate April 1, 2015 with 600 hours of experience!

The big question is, why massage therapy? Clearly, I love the human body. From my first health class I have always been intrigued by the anatomy and physiology of it. We all are granted one body, so why not treat it with the utmost respect? Massages are a great way to not only spoil oneself but to benefit greatly in the heath aspect as well.

Massage therapists can help with the pressure of normal day-by-day stresses, and more extreme instances such as, pregnancy, cancer, diabetes, and even athletes can be aided by massage. I want to help society feel better and even ease pain. Lastly, Massage therapists have many opportunities. I want to open every door of opportunity; I never want to stop learning. The benefits of massage are endless and so are my options with a certification in massage therapy. The most important benefit of them all is watching people heal and grow stronger throughout the days.

Although I love everything about massage school, I am still unsure or anxious about certain situations. First off, I am very uneasy about the licensing process. From what I understand it is a long and stressful process. And the actual hard copy of the license can take months to receive. Secondly, my interests lay in the medical or therapeutic aspect of massage. I am torn between chiropractic and sports massage.

I want to revive the feeling of hope. I am compassionate and already very knowledgeable about the body and how it works therefore, I believe I am the perfect candidate to be a certified massage therapist in either of those fields. I know finding a job in these areas may be difficult especially because massage is not covered by insurance. And lastly, I just want to be as successful of a massage therapist as possible. I am a people pleaser, and I hope that I can help people feel good again. I know I cannot help everyone that crosses my path, but I do know that I will try!

I intend on making massage therapy my full time career. I would like to practice massage for as long as possible! I am learning and practicing the proper body mechanics so I can stay in the field for decades and not harm my body in the process. This is what I want to do for a very long time. Nobody knows what the future holds, but I believe this is my calling.

It is possible that one day I will have my own business, I may work with a professional sports team, I can travel the world while giving massages on a cruise ship, I can work in a spa, or in an office; there are limitless opportunities for people who take up a career in massage therapy. When I am done with my career in massage I plan to either own a business that involves massage or to live the rest of my life with my family. Maybe I can receive massages weekly instead of giving them!

I cannot wait to be a successful massage therapist. To wake up and love what I do for a living while benefiting others. To know that my two hands can provide a difference in someone’s life, just by using the skills I am obtaining. If I can massage thousands of people and just one person says I made difference, I am successful. April 1, 2015 cannot come soon enough!

Neal Lyons is a founding member and volunteer contributor at the MTSI Institute, an information based portal dedicated to guiding and assisting aspiring massage therapists establish a successful career in massage. Neal is a published author and has collaborated on several mobile applications that serve the massage profession. You can view his published work on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Kobo. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and on Google+

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