Beginning a Massage Therapy School in Florida

Beginning a Massage Therapy School in Florida, the requirements for massage therapy practice and also, education is overseen by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy, which is a division of the Department of Health.

Massage therapy schools in Florida must apply for approval from the Board.

Requirements for approval include proof of licensure from the Florida Board of Education, as well as meeting Florida’s required 500 hours of instruction divided up as specified in their law.

There are different requirements for schools that have a colon hydrotherapy program.

Florida Board of Education Licensure

To get your school licensed in Florida, you must apply to the Commission for Independent Education at the Florida Board of Education.

The application process takes 4-6 months.

It includes completing an application, paying the required fees, a preliminary review, correction by you of any deficiencies found, finalizing your application, a full commission review and either approval or disapproval.

The application for school  licensure requires you provide the following information as part of your application:

  • Proof of corporate status and fictitious name registration with the Secretary of State;
  • An instructional and administrative personnel form for each administrator/owner and also, each instructor describing their education, experience and also, licenses or certifications;
  • A criminal justice background fee form for each owner/administrator ($50 each);
  • Your school’s organizational chart;
  • A program outline for each proposed program;
  • A copy of your application form or enrollment agreement for students enrolling in your program(s);
  • An enrollment agreement checklist;
  • A refund policy checklist;
  • A financial statement;
  • A finances checklist;
  • A faculty listing;
  • A faculty handbook;
  • Your school catalogue;
  • A catalogue checklist;
  • Other publications about or from your school;
  • Advertising you plan to do;
  • Proof of lease or ownership of your building;
  • A document providing compliance with zoning;
  • Accreditation status;
  • Fee transmittal form.
  • Fees will be $2,700-$10,000, depending on the size and also, the complexity of your programs.
  • Most massage schools will fall at the lower end of the spectrum.
  • Student protection fund fee transmittal form ($500).

The Commission for Independent Education has tutorials on completing the forms on their web page.

MIST – Beginning a Massage Therapy School in Florida

Once your program has been licensed by the Board of Education.

So you must apply for approval from the Massage Therapy board before you can start admitting students.

The Massage Therapy board application requires you submit proof of your approval from the Board of Education.

In addition, you have to provide the Massage Therapy board with your program curriculum, course catalogues, or course descriptions.

The board requires that the program have no more than 6 hours per day and also, no more than 30 hours per week.

The total number of classroom hours must be 500 hours or more.

The 500 hours must divide up as follows:

  • 150 hours Anatomy and also, Physiology;
  • 100 hours Massage Theory and History;
  • 125 hours Clinical Practicum;
  • 76 hours Allied Modalities;
  • 15 hours Business;
  • 15 hours Hydrotherapy;
  • 10 hours Florida Laws and also, Rules;
  • 4 hours Professional Ethics;
  • 3 hours HIV/AIDS education;
  • 2 hours Medical Errors.

And also, you must supply a copy of a sample transcript and diploma.

There is no fee associated with the application to the Massage Therapy Board.

So once your application is received, the board staff will review it for completion.

Once they determine it is complete, the Board Liaison for schools will review it.

And also, once the review is complete, you will advise by the office of approval or disapproval.

So if the Liaison determines that your application requires review by the board, you will notify.

After your school is approved, your school’s graduates must attain a minimum passage rate on the examinations for licensure required by the state.

Lastly, if it does not, your program can be put on probation or have its approval withdrawn.

Summary – Beginning a Massage Therapy School in Florida

To open a massage school in Florida and beginning a Massage Therapy School in Florida.

So you must first obtain a license from the Florida Board of Education.

Because this is a 4-6 month process with required fees of $2700-$10,000 for the application, $500 for a student protection fund, and also, $50 per owner/administrator for a background check.

So after you obtain a provisional license, your program must then review and also, approved by the massage therapy board.

Their review will check that your curriculum meets their laws and rules.

Once opened, your graduates will have to attain a minimum passage rate on the licensure examination to avoid withdrawal or probationary status.


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