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The Massage Therapy Schools Information PodcastWelcome to the Massage Therapy Schools Information Podcast!

We have added a podcast to our website that will allow you to convert your stale time into productive learning time.  You can now listen to our show on the go while driving, cleaning, cooking, working out or anything else.

Our Podcast features career development tips, interviews with successful therapists, business owners and all sorts of other invaluable information related to the massage therapy industry.

You can start listening to our podcast immediately by clicking on an episode below.  If you’d like to get auto notifications of new episodes, consider subscribing to our podcast show for free.

To subscribe to the podcast, please use the links below:

If you enjoy our show and have a chance, please leave us an honest rating and review on iTunes by clicking here.  It will help us improve our show and its ranking in iTunes! We appreciate all your help and support!

Enjoy the show!


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