Vermont Requirements to Enroll in Massage Therapy Schools

Firstly, the cost of living in Vermont is high.

So the fact that Vermont does not require licensing is not necessarily a guarantee that you will be able to build up a practice there.

However, if you’re good at it you can always try and shine.

So scroll straight to the bottom to see a list of the top massage therapy schools in Vermont.


And also, Vermont does not have a statewide regulatory massage therapy board in place.

However, if you are interested in pursuing a massage therapy education.

So then you may want to study and also, take a national licensing exam after completing your education.

Another option may include looking into the requirements that are needed in bordering states.

Such as New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts in order to take the required courses for massage therapy licensing in these particular states.

Schooling Details and Requirements (Credit Hours)

And also, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage.

And also, Bodywork (NCBTMC) offers a qualifying test that is required in many states.

So if you wish to become voluntarily certified through this program.

Then follow the link provided here to learn more – NCBTMB.

By becoming certified, you can then register with this site.

So that people in Vermont seeking a certified therapist will be able to find you.

Licensure Qualifying Programs

And also, the Vermont chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is currently pursuing regulations for those who wish to become massage therapists in the state of Vermont.

As well as it stands, Vermont is the only New England State that does not have any regulations for this particular industry.

However, if you choose to practice massage therapy in Vermont.

So be aware that you must still abide by the laws of the United States.

Because it has been stated by the American Massage Therapy Association.

So that all members of Vermont who choose to practice massage therapy must do so within their “Scope of Practice.”

Under the American Massage Therapy Association.

So the Office of Professional Regulation (OPR) has recommended to the legislature that no licensing be required in Vermont.

For now, the state of Vermont recommends that if you choose to practice here.

So you undergo the tests and education required by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Licensing/Certification Requirements

So no massage therapy licensing requirements are needed in the state of Vermont.

Key Agencies/Boards involved and their contact information

And also, the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) has its own chapter in the state of Vermont.

Furthermore, if you wish to understand more about the chapter, regulations and also, upcoming legislative processes regarding certification.

So you can access the website by clicking here.

So once you have become an established massage therapist in the state of Vermont.

And also, you may post an ad on the AMTA-Vermont website advertising your qualifications for as little as $10.

And also, there are several professional associations that you as a massage therapist can belong to.

A note: The Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) is the largest professional organization of its kind.

So you may find them by following the provided link: ABMP.

And also be sure to check out the National Association of Massage Therapists (NAMT) by visiting their website.

So you can join online and discover all of the benefits that a national.

And also, the credited professional association can offer to you as a massage therapist.

Requirements to Start A Massage Business in Vermont (Massage Establishment License)

So many states of the United States are members of the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards.

So you can find out about the different licensing exams at this site.

Furthermore, learn more about your profession and also, where you can obtain continuing education.

Although continuing education is not required in Vermont.

So it is an important tool in most professions for keeping massage therapist practitioners up-to-date on current trends and laws.

And also, you can find out more about The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards at this link: F.S.M.T.B.

In addition, you should check your local city or county regulations for massage business license requirements.

So many counties require businesses to register their names at the county courthouse in the Assumed Name Index.

Massage License Renewal Process

Because the state of Vermont does not require a massage therapy license.

So there is no need for renewal of your license.

Massage License Reciprocity

And also, any doctor from any state is welcome to come to Vermont and open up a massage therapy business.

Not having a licensing and certification requirement.

However, might indicate that the competition will be increased here in the state of Vermont.

Note: Specific personal information, office addresses, fees, payments etc.

So may change over time.

Although we do our best to keep this site up to date.

So please ensure you contact the state board to obtain the most recent information at the time of your application.   

So here is a list of the top massage therapy schools near you.

And also, we have an arrangement with all of them that allow you to request information for FREE.

Lastly, please do so and take that first step toward a better future.

Matching School Ads

At American Institute, we believe you can become whatever you want to be, and we’re ready to help you get there. We pride ourselves on working hard to deliver quality, innovative education to our students that gives them the skills to begin or enhance their careers. We try to help our students meet their goals of changing or enhancing their careers, and also help prospective employers of our graduates in meeting the workforce needs of the 21st century while actively participating in the communities we operate within.


  • Massage Therapy
Locations:  Somerset

Since 1977, Keiser University has maintained a practical, hands-on approach to career-focused education to help our students achieve their personal and professional goals.  Our student-centered approach remains at the foundation of the Keiser University mission and continues to attract students who prefer a more personal learning experience. 


  • Associate of Science in Massage Therapy
Locations:  Port Saint Lucie

Pursue your education with Platt College (Oklahoma). We offer hands-on training programs in the culinary arts, allied health, and nursing fields.

*Programs vary by location.

*High school diploma or GED required.

*Licensed by OBPVS.


  • Massage Therapy
Locations:  Lawton

Get hands-on training with South Texas Vocational Technical Institute. We offer a number of diploma programs in the skilled trades and health and wellness fields at our campuses in Weslaco, Corpus Christi, McAllen, San Antonio, and Brownsville, Texas.


  • Professional Massage Therapy
Locations:  McAllen
Successful careers begin at the Milan Institute. We offer quality hands-on training, experienced faculty and a staff committed to helping you realize your goals.


  • Massage Therapy
Locations:  Fresno

Take your career to the next step with IntelliTec College. We offer programs for careers in the business, computer, healthcare, beauty & personal appearance, technical trades and exercise & wellness fields at our three campuses in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Grand Junction, Colorado.


  • Massage Therapy
Locations:  Grand Junction

Back to School Scholarship Available to All New Students Until October 22nd.

Since 1996, Southern California Health Institute has been dedicated and committed to helping students achieve their dreams by providing an exceptional education that enables them to become skilled and successful manual therapists. We have graduated over 1,500 students who are now a part of a larger community of wellness and healthcare.


  • Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Program
  • Physical Therapy Aide/Sports Rehab Program
Locations:  Reseda

Miller-Motte Colleges and Miller- Motte Technical Colleges comprise the Miller-Motte family of schools which is part of Ancora Education. For over a century, Miller-Motte has been a reputable leader in private career education. 


  • Massage Therapy
Locations:  Wilmington

As a student at Southeastern College, you will gain the training, skills, and knowledge you need to prepare for a rewarding career.


  • Massage Therapy/Terapia de Masaje
  • Diploma in Professional Clinical Massage Therapy
Locations:  West Palm Beach

Why Brightwood?

Real-World Training

We keep education relevant by employing instructors with real-world experience in the field, who bring their career backgrounds to the classroom. Our programs are continually assessed by faculty, staff and members of the business and education communities to help ensure your studies align with your career goals. Programs offered by Brightwood College focus on local employment needs, in areas such as allied health, nursing and technical and professional programs.


  • Massage Therapy
Locations:  Vista

Become a massage therapy school teacher in Vermont.

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