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Where and How to Get an Internship in Massage Therapy and Why It is Necessary

During your time in a massage school, you will learn everything you need to know about massage therapy. However, most of the things that you learn will be theory. Of course, you may occasionally get a chance to practically apply

Working as a Student While Attending Massage Therapy School

There is no doubt that enrolling in a reputable massage school is the first step towards a successful career in the massage therapy industry for most people. However, not everyone has the financial resources to study full-time. If you have

What Is The Difference Between Working At Places Like Massage Envy and Medical Massage Facilities?

The massage industry has been thriving for the past several years. The demand for massage therapy has increased, leading to more jobs being created within the industry. To fulfill this demand, more people are now enrolling in massage schools. There

Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Old Job Yet When You First Start Your Massage Career

As soon as a student completes massage school, they tend to get a job as a massage therapist immediately. If they already have a reliable job, they often quit to pursue something in massage therapy. Of course, the profession is

Interview Tips for Landing a Massage Therapy Job After Graduation

Upon obtaining your massage therapy license and graduating from massage therapy school, you are allowed to practice massage therapy professionally. Many people opt to set up their own practice as well. Others who do not establish a full business in