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How Massage License Reciprocity or Massage License Transfer Works

In the United States, massage therapy is regulated on the state and local level.  This means that if you are already a licensed massage therapist in one state and arm moving to another state, you will have to obtain a

3 Step Plan to Financial Stability for New Massage Therapists

The following article is contributed by John Teng, MS, BS, LMT, NCTMB, ACMT and Director at the European Massage Therapy School. John was previously a Data Processing Manager and a VP of Information Technology prior to becoming President of a Credit Union. As

Do You Need A Website As A Massage Therapist?

Whenever a new business is launched, it needs to be properly advertised. Advertising is a great way of communicating to the target audience of all the products and services the business provides. In most cases however, advertisement can be very

Can Massage Therapists Develop Skin Disorders and Itchy Hands Because Of Frequent Exposure To Massage Oil, Massage Powder and Soap?

The degree of physical contact between the massage therapists and their clients is greater than in any other field. The amount of contact between the skin of the clients and therapists means there is a great risk of skin diseases

How to Establish the Perfect Atmosphere for Your Massage Clients

If you have your own massage therapy practice, you have to make sure that your clients enjoy visiting it. While your massage giving skills matter, the upkeep and appearance of your facility also contributes a great deal towards client satisfaction.